If Friday Had a Face...

this would totally be it! 

Happy Friday my darlings! It has been a bit of a weird weather week here in Sarasota. The mornings start our gorgeous then the day slowly turns into what looks like the start of the apocalypse then it clears up before you can complete a blink-super weird but, what can you do? Anyways, I am linking up with 
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1. First off, let me start by telling you, there are many different ways to win my heart over but, one of the easiest is to bring me avocados, tomatoes, red onions, and some other yummy vegetables so I am able to concoct one of my fav snacks:
oh yes, guacamole! J brought home all of the yummy ingredients this past weekend. Nothing says spring or summer to me like a cold batch of fresh guac! I am not a fan of most restaurants guacamole as it is typically prepackaged and vacuum sealed nastiness but, I am a fan of making it in my kitchen! Holy cow was it delish! 

2. I am all about celebrating small victories. For those that know me, you know that I have always struggled with my real nails and that I had acrylic set after acrylic set since I was 16...I am almost 24 now...
well, you will see above, my real nails...I know they are short and thin but again, small victories people! The day before Easter, I was going to go in for an acrylic fill. I sat down in the chair and out of my mouth blurted " I actually want these removed..I just want to do a shellac manicure"...hmm I did not plan this..I really didn't even know what I was saying but, I am glad I did it. I went on Tuesday afternoon for a shellac polish change and it is so insane that just after three weeks, my nails are already looking healthier. Still a longs ways to go but!, small victories 

3. I have really been trying to channel my inner Martha Stewart lately. I have always loved the idea of gardening but, I haven't ever been particularly good at it. J's grandmother who I idolize is the poster woman for "green thumbs" she can take absolutely anything from a dead plant, to an orchid, to seeds, to replanting and make it survive or flourish.
I have found that my niche is in succulent gardening. These suckers are easy to keep alive and they are really unique. Don't get me wrong, I am hopeful that my array of plants and herbs will flourish but, I am no Joyce! 

4. Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the mother of two of the cutest little pups around. 
These two nut jobs literally fight for the center console area of my car while on car rides..it is really quite distracting cute. Anyways, it is so funny to me how they each have their own way of sitting or laying on it! The love to watch the cars go by.

5.  So, August 14, is my 24th birthday and October 22 is Miss Emily Rose's 24th birthday. Em is one of John's cousins. She lives in MA but has visited several times. We hit it off the second we met each other! We are legit twins.
anyways, it has been planned for a while now that her family, J's family and J and I will all meet in Disney World in October for her 24th Birthday however, this little gem surprised me yesterday afternoon with buying plane tickets down here for MY birthday!! We have planned a 5 day girls trip to Disney! You best believe I have been stalking Pinterest for cute monogrammed Disney shirts (do you all have any suggestions??) Disney, thanks to my AP, has pretty much become my second home this year! I am ecstatic that Em and I will be able to spend both of our birthday's together this year! (we totally planned this whole vaca via snapchat...judge us!)

Well, I hope you all have absolutely fabulous weekends! Be Safe! 


  1. oh that guacamole looks amazing!

  2. After wearing acrylics for so long, your nails look great!!

  3. Everything sounds like fun, looks pretty & delish! I wish I had an idea for the Disney Shirts, I just can't think of anything. Enjoy!

  4. You are the cutest! I love the nails. Your dogs are adorable! I need some tips on succulent gardening - I have a true black thumb so a while back I figured I would try succulents considering they are more resilient than other plants. I killed them too (not meaning to...) :( I love plants and don't want to succumb to the silk variety.

  5. Succulents are my absolute favorite plant, and somehow i still managed to kill the first one that I planted...oops. Yours look beautiful though! :)

  6. That picture is so accurate! Great job with your nails. I have always bitten mine so they're very weak and brittle. Gel manicures help a little even though they're not great for my nails either. Your pups are so cute!

  7. Oh shellac is the way to go! I have been hooked on shellac for years!

  8. Happy doggy faces are the best. Love guac! That one looks delicious!

  9. Haha love that b-day snap! And you couldn't be more right about our funky weather, it's so nice in the morning and then when you're ready to go do stuff the weather turns to crap. Hoping this weekend will be nicer.

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  10. Your nails and the fur babies are super cute.

  11. Oh my GOODNESS, guacamole is my jam. I could literally eat my weight in it. And I completely agree about restaurant guacamole: yuck! Except, have you ever had Chipotle's? Theirs is divine. Way to go on your nails! I wore acrylic in HS and college, but after my wedding (I believe that was the last time I wore acrylic), I went au'natural and it's been good! Your pups are ADORABLE and should totally be best friends with my "kids" (a.k.a. pups, Chloe & Oliver). And Disney World in October?! So fun!

  12. Cute nails! My 4 year old LOVES "guac", she goes around calling for it, and then my 1 year old asks for salsa. Guess what we always have in the fridge?! Ha! Happy Friday!

  13. I so asked for a succulent garden for Mother's Day. Love this post!

  14. I am a huge fan of fresh homemade guac as well. Congrats on your nails. I know this struggle. I am a nail-biter. It's a nasty habit. So, I've had fake nails on and off for 20 years. As soon as they come off, I'm back to biting my nails, so I would be thrilled if my natural nails looked like your small victory nails :)

  15. Oh man I LOVE guacamole, SO good! Your succulents are gorgeous, way to go! I have such a black thumb, I can't seem to keep any plants alive!

  16. How adorable are your furkids!!!! And yay for natural nails. I had a rough time transitioning off acrylics too, but it's so much better for your nails and you can do them yourself!


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