Weekending+ MY FIRST VLOG!

Happy Monday dolls! I feel like there are never enough hours in the weekend however, I didn't even do much. It was a quiet one around here but, it was a nice change! I hope all of you had great weekends and are having a great start to this week! As usual, I will be linking up with Meg from Mingle Monday Biana from B Loved Boston for my weekend recap!

* * * * * * * 
Y'all, I spent literally all day trying to get comfortable and film a vlog...and, 
there ya have it! I apologize in advance for the awkwardness! It is a learning experience! 

The main event of Friday night was the Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview.

.. a few of you know how I feel/felt about this via twitter but in short, I thought the interview, on JENNER's half was fabulous. I think that this was a history changing event and I pray that it will change the minds and views of all of the ignorant closed minded people we live amongst. With that being said...I really want to know why Diane Sawyer was chosen as the host. Literally a n y o n e would have been better than her. Every question she asked and every response he gave, she had this judgmental, "are you serious", disgusted look and tone... I was done with her after about 25 minutes. 
The comment that set me over the edge was when Jenner's son Brandon said that he was "okay" with Jenner's decisions and Sawyer said "I mean, you can not be just okay with all of this"...*deep breaths, deep breaths* (I am getting re-heated just typing this)...who the hell are you to question what he is okay with.... woman, please! Ugh!..and on that note..

S A T U R D A Y 
I met my dad for breakfast at our usual spot! It has been a hot second since we met for breakfast and it was nice!

After breakfast, I came home and pretty much relaxed for the rest of the day. I didn't sleep well Friday night so I took a bit of a nap, worked on blog posts, and caught up on some of my favorite blogs. We had a quick dinner at a local place then returned home to watch the first Fast&Furious-did y'all know that there are two more in production?!

Finally Sunday! Sunday again was super low key. We both had various homework assignments to complete, I did a bit more patio gardening and the cleaned the main areas of our house.

We finished the night off with citrus marinaded steak fajitas and blended margaritas!

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Have a great Monday loves! 


  1. I watched the Bruce Interview too..I was also conflicted on how I felt about Diane Sawyer's tone. I feel like as a journalist you have to maintain a supportive yet inquisitive attitude..she could have used a little more support for my taste.

  2. I'm so proud of Bruce.

    I'm also proud of you!!! Good job on your vlog. Damn 4 years of soda free. HELP ME!!!
    FGL is my favorite too. Luke Bryan is my future husband. lol
    We have so many things in common. Liam Nesson :)

  3. You did a terrific job on your first vlog! :) I hate it when cashiers comment on what I'm buying too! The worst was once when picking up feminine products and the cashier tried to sell my a candy bar telling me that chocolate and your time of the month go perfectly together! ... Have a fabulous week, Sarah Emily!!

  4. I love the vlog! Not awkward at all! Also that fruit looks amazing.

  5. You did GREAT...I need to get vlogging, but I get nervous as well ;) I love your dog BTW!

  6. I didn't have the opportunity to watch the Jenner video but I am interested. I think Diane Sawyer sounds incredulous with all her interviews so I'm not surprised.

    Congrats on your first vlog!

  7. Yayyy for your first vlog, you did great gurlie :)

  8. Great post! Glad I came across your blog!

  9. Yay for your first vlog, I've been wanting to do this, but just haven't. Started a channel, but haven't done much with it :)

  10. I missed the interview, but I've read a lot of articles about it. People were not pleased with the way Sawyer acted. Yay for your first vlog! You did a great job!

  11. I haven't watched the interview yet, but I did record it. So Consider me warned about the snarky Ms. sawyer.

    LOVED THIS VLOG!! Do it more :)

  12. You did so well on your very first blog!

    I haven't had a chance to watch the interview w/ Bruce but I look forward to seeing it and I'm taking heed of your warning about Diane!

  13. Yayyyy for a vlog!!! Heading out to girl guides now but I will be watching when I return!!!
    Yayyyy for Bruce. I love Bruce, I'm so happy the air is clear now and he can live free and happily and I hope that dang paparazzi lay off so he can start his life fresh without their constant scrutiny!

  14. Congrats on the vlog!! I loved it! Also I couldn't agree more about choosing Diane Sawyer as the host. My roommates and I were getting so annoyed with how she acted and asked the questions. However, I am absolutely happy for Bruce and can't wait for him to finally be happy with his life!

  15. You weren't awkward at all! Loved the vlog and maybe one day I would have the cajones to film one. The Bruce Jenner interview was fascinating to me.

  16. Your first vlog, so exciting!! I'm a nervous wreck on video so I don't know if I'll be able to something like that quite yet! Loved it!


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