Currently+Weekly Happenings

but like really, this is the cutest way to start a friday! 

So, I see these 'currently' posts literally everywhere but I can't seem to find a link up or 'start' person if you will so, I decided to throw mine into today's post!-if you know something I don't about these, fill me in..i just think they are fun! 

On To The Weekly Happenings:
So, the main event of the week was the boy's 27th birthday! #sorrynotsorry for all the mushy birthday love posts on behalf of the man behind Coffee&Glitter. He is a pretty great guy and I thought all of you should know! 
but really, how adorbs was he back in the day?! #blondehairblueeyedbabe

Anyways, we celebrated Monday..Tuesday..and Wednesday-birthday's are kinda a big deal around here and we have a lot of family!

Monday (the actual day of): I made a gift bucket for him full of the essentials: new boxers, deodorant spray, tylenol, scratch offs, peanuts, reeses, kit kats, and cards and tied some festive balloons to it. I also made him a yellow butter cake with a chocolate ganache frosting-it wasn't pretty but dang! it was tasty! We were suppose to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but, he wanted a Chick Fil A birthday lunch and come 8pm, we were still way too full from that to eat CF so, we ate birthday cake instead...again #adultlife

Tuesday: J worked until 3while I kicked productivities butt knocking out a bunch of June posts & ran errands. We then met up with my momma and dad for a belated mother's day/birthday celebration at Carrabba's.

Wednesday:I was up at 345 *insert eye roll emoji here* to take my darling dad to the airport! when I got back home, I took a power nap before doing a bit of way too much last minute shopping for my upcoming trip, started packing, made sure everything was ready to go for when I leave, and deep cleaned the whole house! We then met John's grandparents for dinner at a local applebee's-type place for another birthday dinner!

Thursday: I (again) was up way too early for anyone's good. Unfortunately, last week, my momma's older dog-Gracie the Golden Retriever-actually broke her right leg on the stairs in their house so, we took her to a specialist in Tampa to get checked out.
the verdict: s u r g e r y
incase y'all haven't figured it out yet, John's family and my family are insane animal lovers! combined, there are 10 dogs in our immediate family so, this was pretty sad news. but on the bright side, after a quick procedure, Gracie girl should be back to normal in no time!
After Gracie's appointment, my mom and I went to the best Vietnamese restaurant and had a mommy/daughter afternoon. 

Other Scenes From The Week
1. I received my brand new Plum Planner on Tuesday!-so excited to start filling it up! 
2. With that, I have decided to try "glam planning"..if you don't know what that is, click here!
3. My Ipsy bag came yesterday-score! I will definitely be using this adorable bag on my trip which...

Anyways my loves, I am off to spend the day with on of my favorite (almost) five year olds! Follow our adventures here!
I hope you all have f a b u l o u s weekends!


  1. Love the idea of glam planning but I just don't have time. And if I started I would spend all day at work doing it. I don't think my boss would like that

  2. This is the first time I've seen a currently. I liked it! Um, working on July posts. You have it so together. Insomnia is the WORST. I hope it was just a temporary thing for you and not long-term :( I hate insomnia.

    I enjoyed this post and the happy Friday dance!

  3. Hope Gracie gets better soon! Enjoy, Yes, Please! Such a good book.

  4. Ahh speedy recovery for Gracie! It's so hard seeing them hurting!

  5. Yes, prayers for Gracie. Wishing you all an amazing and happy weekend! xo

  6. Sounds like an awesome week! Good juju to Gracie!

  7. What a great week (minus the news about Gracie's surgery -- but glad to hear that after the quick procedure she'll be doing much better!) Happy birthday to your man! Looks like he was well celebrated! :) Have a fantastic weekend, Sarah! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  8. Whoa, I've never seen Plum Planners before, and it pretty much blew my mind! Gorgeous selection of washi tape you have there too :) - Jess | To Sparkle Punch

  9. What a great recap of everything! I need to start being more thorough with my blog updates about my personal life. I usually just do a Friday reading post where I share interesting things that I have come across during the week but I really like this idea!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  10. Loving all the love you sent out for your boy's birthday this week. So sweet :-D

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  11. Love all the updates! You did such sweet things for your guy's birthday. Love the idea of a fun birthday bucket! Need to remember that... my husband is impossible to shop for. And can't wait to see your glammed planner! I love looking at them, but I know I would never keep it up. Plus, I love changing my planners multiple times a year :) Have a wonderful weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    PS - Anne from In Residence is the one that does the "Currrently" posts at the beginning of each month :)

  12. Look at all the washi tape! <3 <3
    My hubs is turning 27 this year! Sadly I am turning 29! "/


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