Green Fashionista Goes To Europe!

Hey Coffee & Glitter readers! My name is Kate and you can find me blogging over at my little corner of the internet Green Fashionista where I blog about everything from fashion and beauty reviews to fun recipes to travel recaps, and weekend shenanigans which are typically shenanigans. While Sarah is across the pond, I offered to come on over for the day and talk about my first European vacation last year. Nope, I'm not jealous at all that she's soaking up all that culture and listening to amazing accents...
Barcelona, Spain

We planned our first trip across the pond around the inaugural Mediterranean sailing of the Norwegian Epic out of Barcelona. We flew in to Barcelona on a Wednesday morning to start our journey of 4 European cities in 6 and 1/2 days.
*Saying goodbye to U.S. soil for the week as we crossed the pond - isn't Miami beautiful?*
*We stayed at Hotel Barcelona Universal right near Las Ramblas*
*Entrance to Las Ramblas*
We were incredibly exhausted since we left the states in the late afternoon, and got into Barcelona at 2:00am our time, but it was 8:00am there with little to no sleep on the plane. My biggest advice in these situations is the power through and try your best to get on their time. Taking a nap when you get in will just lead to further jet lag, and never getting accustomed to the time change. I still can't believe how much walking we did considering how tired we were, but I'm so glad we did. Barcelona was beautiful!
*Roof top pool at hotel*
3 Night Mediterranean Cruise
*Svedka Ice Bar on board*
First cruise stop - Marseilles, France
2nd cruise stop - Palma Mallorca, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
*Descending into Lisbon on the flight from Barcelona*
We stayed at the Zenit Lisboa which was perfect walking distance to bus tours, restaurants, and shopping.
*Lisbon was by far our favorite stop*
My second piece of advice is to city hop! Once you're there, it's so cheap to fly between countries/cities. It only cost us $59 per person to fly from Barcelona to Lisbon after our cruise. Don't fly all the way over there, and only stay in one spot!

Finally crossing the pond and seeing European soil was an incredibly memorable experience. The only bad thing is, it opened Pandora's Box and now we just want to keep going back and seeing more and more. Next up on our list, is a trip to London, Paris, and Amsterdam (my pick) or to Italy and Switzerland (H's pick). Both will be incredible!

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What has been your trip of a lifetime thus far?


  1. You've traveled to some cool places girl! I've only been out of the country once, on our cruise to the Bahamas, but I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to explore more of the world...I want to go to Fiji!

  2. Amazing amazing amazing!!!
    I am not at all jealous of you both.....

  3. These photos are making me itch to finally experience Europe! It might just happen in 2016! Hope Sarah is having a blast over there...


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