May Words: I am a Wanderluster

You may have a serious case of Wanderlust if:

1. You value experiences not things

experiences not things

While others are dreaming of lavish mansions and ‘makin’ it rain’ with $100 bills, you find your idea of success and a life of fulfillment would come from tranquil moments appreciating the simpler things in life – the sun, balmy mornings exploring a city before it wakes up, and eating croissants for breakfast without having to excuse yourself.

2. Your first question is “where are you from?” not “how are you?”

solo travel

Perhaps unknowingly you meet someone in a bar and instantly question them on their point of origin, where they have travelled, and where you have both travelled to discuss as something in common.

3. You’ve mastered the art of beating jet-lag

Cesky Krumlov
You know you’re a wanderluster when you cringe at people who complain about minuscule things such as jet-lag. You’ve got it down to a fine art and it consists of one simple rule….. mind over matter.

4. You know currency conversions without looking them up

Europe travel money

See something you like priced in US Dollars? No worries. You’ve done this conversion many times before.

5. You can say “hello” and “thank you” in multiple languages

 reef girls

You know the importance of being able to greet someone and thank them in their foreign language and you think it’s only fair you respect them by doing so. You cringe when your friends speak those fatal words “I don’t need to” because “English is universal”….

6.You answer ‘where did you get that from?’ with a country instead of a brand name

“Nice scarf, where’d you get it from?” … “Barcelona” you reply. “Who’s it by?”… you smile to yourself and and answer with a sarcastic tone “just a small boutique I stumbled across in some alleyway” – a.k.a you will never get this la la la la la.

7. You plan trips months in advance and google everything imaginable

  googling travel tips
You know you have a serious case of wanderlust if you know how to get around London in the most economic way without ever having visited the city. Your friends ask you where to stay in Thailand but you’ve never actually been… you’re just a wealth of knowledge in preparation for trips you know you willone day take.

8. You have a countdown calendar until your next adventure 

countdown travel calendar
You flood your social media with countdown updates til your next trip and you know it pisses off your friends…. so you do it even more often.

9. You start to hallucinate and see world maps in your food 

oreo cookie world globe
WARNING: you have reached a serious case of wanderlust.

 10. You start most of your stories with “When I was in…”

Last but not least, you know you are a wanderluster when you begin all your stories with ‘When I was in…’. You find genuine happiness in retelling your travel tales and anecdotes, and you gravitate towards people who have visited the same countries as you because you have a common interest and topic of discussion.

Are you a Wanderluster?


  1. I wish I could travel but having two kids is hard. So I envy anyone that does lol

  2. I just might be a wanderluster! Maybe not to the extreme, but it's definitely in me. I love to travel and create memories. It's so important! I'm already planning out the different trips I want to take with my family NEXT year!

  3. I admire wanderlusters! I'm much more of a homebody, but love to travel with my family. I can't wait to read more about your travels.

  4. Great post! I can totally relate. I often find myself rolling my eyes at people my age talking about the expensive furniture they're buying or getting wrapped up in getting the perfect McMansion..mostly because I can't relate to that. I would much rather spend my money on experiences and travel!

  5. I want to travel more. But with school it's so hard to just take off. Maybe I'll study abroad for a semester.

  6. awesome post! I definitely need to travel more now haha

    stop by and chat | ♥

  7. I would love to travel but we just don't have the money! Someday! :)

  8. I love travel, but I don't get out of the country enough. I'll be adding the Philippines and Tokyo to my list this summer though. I've done a lot of traveling in the US, mainly because in order to see our families we have to haha.

  9. Love this post! I am such a wanderluster too! I lived in Holland for 9 months and wanted to travel the world! I got to visit Istanbul, Berlin, Brussels and many others! Traveling is AMAZING!!

  10. Girl! I am definitely a wanderluster. Have been my whole life. Experiences over things. "What's your nationality" is a top question. Lol. the travel bug is one I don't want to disappear.

  11. I day dream about traveling all the time and I reminisce about my study abroad in Wales all the time

  12. Hi Sarah - what a beautiful collection of your 'wanderlust' - I'm sure we can all so identify with many of these - we do have a countdown calendar of sorts for our next adventures! :)

  13. I'm looking forward to my first real international trip next month. Hoping I will get more chances to travel!

  14. Hi Sarah,

    I am visiting from Growing Your Blog on FB. I am new there. I like this. Yes, I would say some of these are me, but not as much as you perhaps. Our family is going to Costa Rica in November and we are super excited. I've never been there. I've never even been to Central America before. I've lived in England (3 years - MANY years ago) and I 've traveled quite a bit in the US, but my husband and I hold down regular jobs and only travel with our vacation time so I guess we would not technically be considered wanderlusts. Good stuff, though. We hope to be someday. Have fun in your travels and nice meeting you!

  15. Very much a wanderluster! I am going to spend the summer in South America. I have no idea the brands or even stores I'll buy anything but I do know it's over THERE!

  16. I nodded my head along to most of these!

  17. Guilty as charged! I am a wanderlust er. Speaking of, don't you have a big trip in just a few days?!?!

  18. Yes, ma'am! I've traveled a lot in the US but haven't done many stints internationally. My husband and I are hoping to change that soon!

    Your #6 point is my favorite.

  19. ugh this is me! i love love shopping abroad at random places to find things that no one has. and i have to have a trip on the books at all times to keep things exciting! thanks for linking up girl! xo

  20. Love this post! Definitely me as we definitely choose to spend our money on experiences/travel instead of stuff. I get way too excited for every new passport stamp :)

  21. I love this. Many of these things definitely ring true for me.

  22. As a newly born Wanderluster... I love this post! So many of these are familiar :)


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