Nail Trends with Holly's Housewife Life!

Hi Guys!!
Its Holly here from Hollyshousewifelife I'm stopping by Coffe&Glitter for a guest post yayyyy!
I wanted to chat for a hot second about my Spring/Summer polish obsession!

I haven't always been Essies biggest fan, you can hear me explain why Here. But recently I've been won over by them!! I don't know what it is but their colour selection has really taken off and I am loving it!

I am all about bright bold colours for Spring/Summer!! (I live in Canada FYI and spring has barely started here, its quite depressing actually, but these bright polishes are perking me up!)
Like this beauty of a blue colour, 'blossom dandy', looooooove.

Now this Pink, omgosh this pink has been my mani/pedi go to for weeks.
Its the perfect 'I'm fun' but also 'Classic' pink, pink colour!!
You may even call it 'cute as a button'!

Another trend I am completely loving is the Ombre nail trend!
I think this is such a cool way to use a variety when you just can't pick which shade to wear!

Surprisingly its a lot harder than you would think to make that Ombre flow!!
I had to break out every colour I owned (which is a lot of colours haha)
but I wanted a very subtle close match ombre nail.
You could do this with a larger range of colours, even go blue to purple or deep red to light pink.
Its totally up to you and your nail mood!

I love taking a risk with my polish, since I wear a uniform to work I feel like my polish is the one place where I can funk it up and show some personality!

Are you feeling the brights for summer?
Are you a fan of the ombre nail?
Let us know down below!!

Thanks for inviting me to chat Sarah, looking forward to more mingling!
XOXO - Holly


  1. Fellow polish junkie here, so excited to discover your blog today and follow along! I'm also a big fan of bright colors for the Summer. I go back and forth on Essie as well, but am actually sporting an Essie mani as we speak, so I guess I'm back on them now - haha! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Yayyyy hi friend!!!
      Essie sisters!! - this week anyway... Hahah
      Is the sequin notebook your blog? Heading over to check it out!! :))
      Enjoy your weekend as well!


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