Splurge or Save?

Please tell me that I am not the only one that wonders what other people spend on certain products or services! I don't know why but that subject has always interested me. 

If you were to walk into my bathroom, you would see a majority of drug store brand products with a few higher end items thrown in. Now, before I get started, know that when I say "higher end", I do not mean like Chanel, Bobby Brown, etc.-If you use those products, good for you but this girl ain't got the funds for that! 

face wash: clean&clear advantage acne control $6.99 SAVE
moisturizer: clean&clear dual action moisturizer $6.59 SAVE
makeup wipes: yes to cucumbers $4.89 SAVE
 primer: sephora silicone free primer $15 SPLURGE
foundation: maybelline fit me matte&poreless in 322 $5.65 SAVE
concealer: elf HD lifting concealer $3 SAVE 
powder: urban decay naked loose finishing powder in dark $34 SPLURGE 
bronzer: too faced pink leopard $30 SPLURGE
blush: tarte amazonian clay blush in captivating $26 SPLURGE

primer:elf eye shadow primer $3 SAVE
shadow: urban decay naked 3 palette $54 SPLURGE
liner: elf cream liner $3 SAVE
mascara: maybelline plumped up $6.69 SAVE

moisturizer: rosebud salve $6 SAVE
balm/chapstick: maybelline baby baby dr. rescue in pink me up $3.49 SAVE
liner: sephora nano lip liner in candid candy $5 SAVE
lipstick: nyx matte lipstick in spirit $6 SAVE
lip gloss: nyx matte lip cream in soft coral $6 SAVE

E T C 
brushes: sonia kashuk art of make up set $35 SPLURGE

Like I said, I am much more of a 'saver' when it comes to make up over a 'splurger' but of course, there are certain items that I just can't help but spend a few extra bucks on! 

What are some products you choose to save or splurge on??


  1. Nice! I just got a set of brushes for like $10 and they're good quality from Nordstrom rack.

  2. Even though I only wash my hair like once a week, I will splurge on my haircare. And I guess it helps that I don't have to buy shampoo and conditioner very often. But when I do, it's over $20 a bottle! I used to splurge on bare minerals makeup, but I hardly wear it anymore. Now, my daily dry shampoo is a SAVE! Because I think suave's dry shampoo works just as well as any professional brand I've used in the past!

  3. Great post! I agree there are certain products worth splurging on and others that honestly you can't tell the difference. I ALWAYS save on eyeliner--I can never tell the difference between designer and drugstore brands

  4. I am totally with you girl! Most of my make up products are drug store brand with a few higher ends thrown in. I use the Naked palettes and I love them! I typically only wear my nicer make up when I am going out and wear my drug store brands when running errands or going to work.

  5. I'm mostly a saver too! I just can't bring myself to drop a ton of money on beauty products, though I do love them! The only way I get to try high end stuff is through Birchbox!

  6. When it comes to makeup I'm always good at what I should splurge and shouldn't. Which is why my boyfriend always lets me spend money on it bc I'm such a good bargain shopper. lol

  7. Such great tips! I usually tend to lean on the save side of everything, but I know there are a few products I should probably splurge a little on.

  8. What a fun post! I have the Naked Palette as well and it was well worth the splurge! I LOVE it!

  9. Great tips! I splurge on my skin care products to protect my skin and give it what it needs since I'm 'getting older', lol (I'm not in my 20s!). But, there are definitely some makeup products are just as good on the 'save' end and no need for wasting pennies on! I'll have to check out some of your suggestions :).

  10. I'm so cheap when it comes to anything self care for me I need to start splurging a little every now and tgen

  11. My splurges are now the creams etc. with the dreaded work "wrinkle" on them :/ eeeek! but when it comes to aging I want the good stuff. My saves are always bandb creams mascara eyeliners. Blush though I do splurge and notice a difference there. xoxo

  12. I am totally wanting to splurge on that Naked 3 palette. I can hardly believe I have had some restraint not to yet. Looks like a lot of great products!

  13. i splurge on makeup, but not in a Blair Waldorf way. Ill buy my products on Sephora, and i just buy the ones i know that are truelly good. IMy face is important, i dont want to damage it.

  14. I buy a mix of both. I love my drugstore products but if something higher end works better and lasts longer, I'll splurge. I'll forever be a fan of Nars blush and Urban Decay eye shadow, but I'll rarely spend money on higher end mascaras and liners when there are so many great ones at the drugstore. I used to scoff at spending more than a couple of dollars on lip balm, but I've since changed my mind about that one. I don't care how much a lipstick costs if I love the color. Lipstick is my weakness. As I'm entering into my late twenties, I am more and more of a believer in spending more on skincare than anything else. Damn wrinkles...

  15. Wonderful choices! I splurge on foundation and I'm a lipstick lover so lip products definitely get my splurge dollars. I save on makeup cleansing wipes and mascara. I've tried some high end mascaras and I find drugstore products can work just as well.

  16. I love this format for a post! Do you splurge or save on mascara? What kind do you use?

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  17. The Naked3 palette is one of my all time fav products :)

  18. I completely agree with you, I have only a few splurge items and mostly save items! I think by using mostly save items that I deserve a little splurge every now and then ;)
    My favorite splurges are lipsticks and primers!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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