The Small Farm {Tips+Tricks for Dog Owners}

this post is written in affiliation with Chewy. Chewy contacted myself, Yoda&Chloe to review products for them. I am not a vet and all opinions/comments/pictures are that of my own, Yoda's& Chloe's. 

So, I often hear people referring to their animal situation at home as "a small farm" when talking about having 2-3 dogs. That is cute and all but I can say that between John's and my immediate family combined...we actually do have a small farm goin' on here! 

the round up: 

-three horses: Dragon, Pepper, and Goldie
-two donkeys: Ruby and Hilary
- seven boston terriers: Biggs, Dak, Princess, Ramsey, Peaches, Cinnamon, and Yoda
-two shiba inus: Nala and Chloe
-one golden retriever: Gracie
-one tabby cat: Lilly 
Grammie Joyce with Ramsey, Peaches, Princess, and Cinnamon
y'all that is 16 animals (the bolded ones are the two that are actually ours) 

so, clearly, the main animal of choice is dogs. 

There are often times where we are in charge of taking care of another family members dogs and we welcome them with open arms. However, we have quickly learned that not all dogs are created equal. 

1. Before taking your dog(s) around other people/dogs, make sure you know their demeanor: are they skiddish? aggresstive? cuddly? affectionate? etc. In our dogs, we have found that almost any undesirable behavior trait can be turned around with some training and positive reinforcement through treats. 

2. Know the breed's quirks/characteristics. Chloe (Shiba Inu) was adopted and I really had no idea what I was getting into. She actually does not match up with a lot of the breed characteristics (escaping, hoarder, etc.) but there are some that she is spot on for: shedding, doesn't like her paws being grabbed, and the lovely shiba screetch-intsead of a bark, a lot of shibas make this high pitched scream occasionally. Yoda (Boston Terrier) came with John when we started dating. I didn't really know much about them either until I did my research. Yoda is pretty spot on with his breed: playful, energetic, short snout, and protective for 22 pounds. 

3. Shedding-this is no joke y'all! All of our Boston family members have fairly short hair so, we don't have to worry about them but, Gracie, Nala and Chloe all have fur for days...and it shows! However, there are several products on the market to help with this. My favorites are: 

We use this shampoo on all of our furry ones-long and short hair. I feel like it gets them super clean but without harsh chemicals. The smell is also yummy. For the long hair dogs, I feel like it makes their coats softer which comes in handy for the furminator. The furminator is a gentle brush that takes out the loose undercoat. This dual brush can also be used on short haired dogs to remove debris/tangles. 

4. Monitor activity& temperature: Living in Florida, the summer heat makes it difficult to run the dogs around outside to wear down some of their energy. It can get upwards of 98* where we are and the cement and pavement can get even hotter-think about your puppy's paw pads! My general rule is that if the ground is too hot for me to walk on barefoot-it is too hot for the furbabes. Some alternatives would be 
-throwing a ball in a shaded grassy area
-taking them swimming
again though, watch the temperatures and don't stay out too long for them to get over heated or dehydrated
Yoda keepin' cool
5. Smelly breath? no prob! thanks to the food network, I learned the other day that putting sprigs of parsley in your dogs water bowl freshens their breath. Our dogs are high maintenance and also enjoy ice cubes.

6. Reward your furbaby! I will be totally honest with you-our dogs and any other dog that steps paws into our home gets way..way too many treats but I just can't say no to their squishy little faces. Currently our small farm is loving:
The Wellness Core Super Fruit Bars. Chewy so kindly sent us two flavors to try: Beef and Bison with Blueberries and Salmon and Whitefish with Pomegranate. Our farm is favoring the salmon flavor-and it is good for their coats!  

and for your daily dose of cute pups: 
Dak, Biggs, and John's Dad
Princess, Peaches, Cinnamon, Ramsey, and Yoda
Yoda and Peaches
Yoda and Chloe

What animals do you have at home??


  1. My dog loves people and will walk up to anybody and lick them, but when it comes to dogs, he doesn't cooperate at all! He either runs away from them or tries to attack them lol

  2. I have a dog hoarder problem for sure! Everyone knows that I'll take anything in so it does get overwhelming at times!

  3. Your dogs are so stinkin' cute, and I have learned a few tricks to try with my dogs! I definitely need to freshen their breath! Thank you!

  4. thanks for all the tips! Your dogs are so adorable!

  5. Love this post, and ughhhh the shedding is definitely no joke! :-P

  6. I had no idea you could put parsley in your dog's water to freshen their breath! I'm going to try that!

  7. You dogs are adorable!! I shall try the parsley with my Akita.. his breathe is gross!!

  8. We also have a Shiba, and he's definitely all Shiba in personality. ;) We'll have to try the parsley​ in water - hat sounds liek a great way to freshen breath!

  9. Great tips!! Im sorry I didn't get a post to you on time love. Next time?

  10. Great tips! You really do have a lot of animals in your life! I wouldn't ave thought of putting parsley in the water bowl to give them better breath.


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