10 Days in Europe in a Carry On

Well hi! So, if you weren't aware, I traveled to France and Italy for ten days at the end of May and it was fabulous! You can check out the recaps here and here

I am a repeat offender of over packing so this trip, I limited myself to only the necessities. I also traveled with a backpack as opposed to an oversized roller! 

these are the bags I traveled with:
eagle creek gear hauler $150
brown crossbody (tjmaxx) $20
take me away pouch $6.90

What I Packed In The Gear Hauler:
- army green v neck (worn on plane)
-chambray shirt (worn twice)
-black and white tribal sleeveless (worn)
-coral sleeveless (not worn)
-hot pink dri-fit (not worn)
-soco sleepshirt (worn)
-af sleep shirt (worn)

-skinny jeans (worn twice)
-leggings x2 (worn)
-striped maxi skirt (worn)
-white shorts (worn)
-blue norts (worn to sleep in)

-black short dress (worn twice)
-floral short dress (worn)
-blue tribal maxi (not worn)

-sperrys (worn)
-flippies (worn...then broke)
-brown ankle booties (worn)

-jean jacket (worn)
-pink rain jacket (not worn)
-scarf x2 (worn)
-brown skinny belt (not worn)
-black/gray/white tank (worn)
-north face (worn)
-grey sweater(not worn)
-black longchamp (used as carry on)

I used the Eagle Creek Pack It System to compress and condense my clothes. I used the 'rolling' method for my tank tops, shirts, skirts, and shorts. 

I used the packing cube for my rain coat, jean jacket, chambray shirt, maxi dress, and shorter dresses

the majority of my items in 4 little packages. 

I also decided to slip a post it at the top of all the pack its as a reminder of what is in that pouch so I do not have to unroll/unpack everything just to find one item. 

In the "Take Me Away" pouch, I packed my panties/bras/socks
I packed the 'longchamp' in my back pack incase I do any for when I go shopping, I will have some extra room. 

I also threw in my makeup bag with just the things I need on a daily basis and some toiletries! 


  1. I love the idea of including a note with what's in each thing! I always have that problem when packing...I can't remember where I put stuff so I have to go through everything to find one item! :)

  2. You did so good in what you packed! Packing everything in a carry on is where its at!

  3. I love these posts because they actually help me when I'm packing. I never know what to take and many times I have to buy an extra shirt or two or pants that I left behind!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow you did a great job packing!! I always over pack!!

  5. lol i would be the one who over packs because I need everything with me.

  6. This is incredible, you've got skills gurlie!

  7. I love those bags. I checked them out a while ago. I really want to buy some of these!

  8. I'm guilty of packing my entire closet and bathroom when I travel. I need to take some tips from you!

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  10. Wow I'm impressed at how much you could pack in such a small space. I've been thinking about getting those packing cubes for a while... I think I just might have to!



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