10 Things That Make Me Anxious

 Anxiety one of the weirdest emotions to me. Everyone has a different threshold of what they can handle and what gets them anxious. 

For some, anxiety comes from school, work, children, finances, etc. Now, I am not saying that these things haven't occasionally made me anxious as well but I have a few things that some may consider to be odd anxiety triggers. 

These ten things cause me to feel like I can no longer breath or put me into a rage of sorts-it is really strange. 

1. Homeless People With Pets
*deep breaths* let me tell y'all, nothing infuriates me more than this. I live in south florida where it is hot as hell in the summer. I am talking 90* by 8am, afternoon showers then a humid 95* by 4pm. I can not tell you how many times I have been driving around town, gotten stopped at a light, looked to my right and seen a person with a sign...and a dog that looks overheated and dehydrated. and let me tell you, I am on the phone faster than you can blink with the county trying to get someone over to that corner to get that poor little furbaby. 

2. Slow Drivers 
Sarasota:home of tourists and the elderly. going 30mph in a 50mph zone. 

3. Distracted Drivers
now, I am no saint and I have checked a text here and there but I really do try to focus on the road and only the road when I am behind the wheel. However, with the tourists in Sarasota, it is a common thing to be driving and have the car in front of you jack on the breaks for apparently no reason, you get pissed but continue to drive along..then it happens again, you look through their rear windshield only to see that they are taking a tour of the city from inside the car..slowing down and pointing out every landmark or fun fact...*deep breaths*

4. When people read a description of a menu item to me...
John does it, my dad does it, some of my friends do it and it drives me up the wall! I have two eyes too people, I can read the description just fine! 

5. When waiters/waitresses make a scene
Have you ever been somewhere and asked for say...ranch dressing..and the waitress says "no, we actually don't have that"..you reply "Ok, no big deal"...this should be the end of it but NO, then the waitress goes on to say "well we have this, or this, or this, or this, or this"...by that point I am probably no longer listening...then even after a few "no, that is okay"s, she brings a tray of all the substitutions she rattled off...

6. When parents bring their children to a bar or sit in a bar area. 
now, before you jump on me, I love children. I teach them for goodness sakes. But, being a former waitress, this is not the place for them. Bars are designed and meant for adults 21+ to be able to kick back, relax, and drink however much they want (within reason) it is an appropriate setting for swear words-especially when an intense game is on, and loud noises...it is not appropriate for your child to be throwing crayons or food, crying, or running around. 

7. When people call me out on outfit repeats
um, sorry I don't have unlimited funds, if I like an outfit, you better bet your bottom dollar yo'll be seeing it again! 

8. When a drink sweats
two words: tervis tumbler. nothing is more gross to me than picking up my drink and having the condensation drip all over me and my repeated outfit.

9. Commentating grocery clerks
when I buy my groceries, I don't need comments on each item:
"ooh oreos..someone must be hungry!"
"mmm this is my favorite juice!"
"oh these are the tampons I use!"
"oh dog treats, do you have a dog?"
"you know, carrots have a lot of sugar in them?!"

10. People that take forever to start the car.
get in, turn it on. it is hot out here! Florida is not the state to ditz around before turning on the ac! 

so, like I said, some of these are kind of weird...what makes you anxious?


  1. Laughing at #5 because YES. That annoys me too - most of the time if something doesn't have something I asked about, I don't want it anymore - so it's really just wasted breath to keep going on about it. So funny! (And people call you out on "outfit repeats"??? Who are you hanging out with?! I know I buy clothes to wear them more than once - there are people out there who don't agree with this? That's ridiculous! Ain't nobody got time for that! ;) )

  2. Yes to #9! I was in Target the other day when a torrential downpour started. The guy at checkout asked how I was doing and, mostly to just make conversation, I said, "I'm wishing I hadn't decided to park so far away. I'm going to get drenched." And the guy goes, "well, there are worse things that can happen."

    That's when I went into mental retort mode and started composing, in my head, all the replies I'd like to make: "thank you, yes, I realize getting soaked in a rainstorm in less devastating than world hunger."

  3. Amen to the slow drivers! I live in a town with many retired people....so I deal with this often lol. Hope you have a great weekend! Visiting from H54F!

  4. "You have a baby... in a bar!" LOL I feel the same way girl ;-)

    Happy Friday!

  5. I bought my roommate gluten free cereal (because she's celiac) and then normal things like my bread and OH MY did the checkout clerk give me the side eye and make comments. Like didn't even think of the possibility that it was for two different people. Or you know maybe I like gluten free cereal. DONT TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE. I always want to say that because it irritates me beyond belief.

  6. Oh my gosh, YES to the grocery clerks!! I swear it was the worst in Chicago where everyone is always organic this and vegan that and it's like please don't judge me that I'm buying Apple Jacks, thank you very much. Loved this post!

  7. Slow drivers drive me absolutely insane. I mean I get irrationally angry!!! Children in a bar ... don't even get me started!

  8. Who has the gall to call you out on an outfit repeat? That is so odd and makes me think they have nothing better to do that catalog your clothing. Sorry, but that is so annoying! See, I just got anxiety for you ;)


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