The Boyfriend Chronicles {Pt. 4: Tips for Moving in Together}

Moving in with your significant other is a pretty big deal. There are a lot of things to consider such as who's furniture is going where? which side of the bed do you get? etc. Obviously, I am no expert but, as stated before, J and I moved in together pretty quickly and these tips and ideas are what I think made us and keeps us successful! 

1. Set expectations immediately and stick to them. If you have pet peeves, share them with the other and listen to theirs. If you don't want the toilet seat left up, voice that but, remember that boys are forgetful and need reminders so, find a cute way to do so: 

2. Know who is moving in with you. Before the actual lease signing, ask each other questions and get to know each other better and deeper. 

3. Figure out your ca$hflow situation. Although y'all move in together does not mean you are sharing a bank account, you will most likely be sharing or splitting bills. For us, we split everything that we share (rent, utilities, groceries) down the middle completely in half. Because I am more organized, John writes me a check every month during the last week for the amount of what half of everything is and I use that to pay the bills. 

4. Divvy up the housework evenly-or at least in a way that works for you. I have no issue doing anything but the trash. Obviously, if John sees me doing something, he will help me but the main job he has is to make sure the trash is never gross and over flowing.  

5. Just because you are living together now does NOT mean you need to or should spend each and every waking moment with one another..yes you moved in together to be with one another but you each need your own alone time, time with friends, and space so, figure out a system that works best for you. For us, our schedules work so J leaves for work well before me so I have some time in the morning and I get home much later than him so, he has time in the afternoons. Saturdays, J works in the morning so I have the whole day to myself and Monday nights, he has the night to watch the MNF games or do whatever.. it just works for us that way but everyone is different. 

6. C O M P R O M I S E its hard. but its necessary. If you always watch a certain show on Mondays (for example), and a big game is on, DVR your show and watch the game with your man.. If he wants a picture in a certain space, make it work. 

7. Show your love. Do sweet things for one another..anything from leaving a quick note to buying flowers or making dinner-just because you are living together does not mean you can stop being sweet. 

8. Make a space for each of you. We kind of share a space but it is set up for both of us. We converted the spare bedroom into an office/man cave/ guest room. I decked it out in absolutely all of his favorite New England sports things. All of the office accessories are pats related but it is tasteful and organized so it works for both of us. 

9. GET OVER IT. seriously, you have to learn to pick your battles. Not every thing needs to be a matter of national security or a fight-it isn't worth it. 


  1. This brings me back to my first year living with my husband (before we were married). We had an epic Styrofoam
    'fight' in the living room when we got frustrated with each other while putting together some piece of furniture. I still laugh about that...

  2. Good tips! Moving in with a partner is definitely a big step and it takes time and patience to adjust to living together.

  3. When my husband, then boyfriend, and I moved in together, there was a lot still left "unlearned" about each other. It takes patience and picking your battles ;)

  4. Great tips!! THe cash flow thing is HUGE & that toilet seat is so funny.. I finally had enough of the bathrooms being gross I hired a cleaning lady ..

  5. Great tips. My boyfriend and I moved in together after only 3 months of dating (we knew we meant for each other.) Sounds crazy now but we have been together for almost 3 years. I love living together...yes it definitely has its hardships, but your tips are right on point. Having "me" time is very important...also, setting guidelines for bills and such. The hardest part for me was adjusting to who pays what, not wanting to fight over it but getting frustrated, etc.

  6. Fav part- PUT ME DOWN. A reminder for all men!

  7. I love the decal for the toilet. It is perfect. I live in a house full of boys!

  8. love these tips. My boyfriend and I definitely work together as team but when he first moved in he definitely didn't made me so mad. I'm thankful he's gotten better.

  9. Oh dear Lord yes! There were so many times in the first year when I moved in with my then-fiance, now-Husband that I wanted to kick him out and just live on my own because he was always there . We're in a bigger place now, so that helps that there's more space for us to spread out in.

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