The Perfect Summer Dip!

Guacamole is such a weird word. But it is perhaps the most delicious dip on the face of the earth. 

Guacamole, as weird as it sounds, holds a special place in my heart as it is something that my dad and I have always made together. I have a ton of memories in the kitchen while growing up but some  of my fondest revolve around my dad. It is more common (and stereotypical) that the mothers teach the daughters how to cook. However, I learned from both of my parents! 

So, from this silly man himself: 

Papa's Guacamole!


 What you will need:
-3-4 ripe avocados
-1 bunch of cilantro
-1 tomato
-1 clove of garlic
-1 lime 
-1/2 lemon
-1/2 jalapeno
-1/3 red onion
-salt and pepper to taste

What you will do: 
1. cut avocados in half and remove the seed. scrape the fruit (yes, it is a fruit) into a medium to large mixing bowl

2. finely dice tomato, garlic, and onion. add to bowl

3. cut the jalapeno in half lengthwise. gently scrape out membrane and seeds. finely dice and add to bowl

4. separate the top of the cilantro from the stems. cut into very thin strips then cut the strips in half

5. roll the lemon on the counter to get the extra juice, cut in half then squeeze half of the lemon over top. do the same with the lime but, use the whole lime
6. with a fork, mash the avocado then stir all of the ingredients together. 
7. season with salt and pepper
8. cover tightly with press n' seal and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes 
9. whip up a batch of margaritas, serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!  

What is one of your favorite memories from the kitchen?

Eat Drink and Be Mary


  1. Yum! There is nothing better than homemade guac!

  2. Looks simple. My boyfriend and bestie love guac. lol

  3. I ADORE anything with avocado. Guacamole is no exception! I might try this recipe out!

  4. Yum, I love a good fresh guacamole!

  5. Mmmm we love guacamole in this house and have just been saying how fun it would be to make our own this summer! Looks delicious!

  6. This looks DELISH... love love love guacamole :-D

  7. YUM I love Guacamole! It's been way too long since I've had any!

  8. Yummy! Your recipe for guacamole looks divine! I could eat the entire bowl. Thanks for sharing!

  9. YUM! I love guac and could eat it all summer long! I also love it on a grilled cheese, oddly enough!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  10. Mmmm. Thank you for sharing this! I could eat guac all day every day! :)

  11. This looks so pretty! But I am allergic to avocados !

  12. This looks sooooo yummy - i love me some avocado :)


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