All The Moneys!

Money is such a powerful thing. 
It can cause fights. 
Create happiness.
Buy love.
Feed Me. 
Allow me to buy a few more purses...
It is pretty much king. 

We all have jobs and get paychecks (unless you are a super swanky financial accountant/planner person-which if you are, good for you!) but  always want extra money to spend frivolously on what we choose...or ya know an upcoming wedding. 

There are a few solutions to this dilemma...

1. Become a porn star  "mature film actor/actress"

2. Win the Mega Million dollar lottery

3. Suck it up, deal with it and make it work! 

seeing as how my dad wouldn't be too happy if I told him I was in the newest "adult film" and the most I have ever won playing scratch offs was $20, I will pick option 3

And here is what I do to save a little cash here and there:

1. budget. budget. budget.  sit down at the beginning of the month and budget how much you need for the essentials-starbucks and spontaneous target trips do NOT count!
our monthly budgets include:
-car payments
-cell phones

**before going grocery shopping, make a detailed list of everything you need and do not stray!**

2. make several stops. obviously pulling up to a super target and knocking out your grocery shopping, produce shopping and home goods shopping is most convenient and ideal but, it may not always be the most financial savvy way to go. I typically make three stops: publix, farmers market, bjs. Publix is great for getting all of our meats/dairy/etc. But, typically produce and home needs are more expensive there so, I go elsewhere.

3. shop the sales. Obviously, I love shopping. But I don't just love shopping for beauty and fashion items, I love all kinds of items. So, to help with this, I look for coupons and shop the sales. especially at the grocery store! If we see that chicken is on sale, we will grab a bunch and freeze it until we are ready to use. 

4. save your change. paying in cash helps you save money. a study was done that says "people are more likely to spend wiser when they are using cash over a card because they are able to physically, at the time of purchase, see their money dwindle down"-let me tell y'all..this is true! 

5. recycle. it good for the environment, and you can also make money off of it! Check to see if any companies in your area will pay for aluminum, plastic, or scrap metal.

6. limit food costs. I think it is a bit over zealous to restrict yourself from going out to eat for forever so, limit it to just once a week or every other week. 
7. Platos closet. this is literally my favorite store ever. Platos is a consignment store that will value your clothes and pay you cash for what they keep on the spot-they pay surprisingly well. I usually bring in two-four full sized garbage bags of items twice a year and have gotten anywhere between $180-$440. 

8. savings account. take $20-50 out of each paycheck and put it into your savings account. they key here is: once it is in your savings, do not even think about touching it!(unless it is an emergency-again, starbucks and target trips do not count)

9. if you haven't used it in 6 months, sell it! John and I recently made $1000 by selling stuff out of our storage unit. We had to run over there one day to grab something and while we were there, we looked at the items and agreed that most of it would probably never go in a house that we lived in. So, we took to facebook. Our city has "facebook swap shops" that are basically like an online yard sale. We took pictures of everything, posted it on the site, and waiting for replies! 

10. spending freeze.  spending freeze's are becoming a pretty big deal. basically, you set a budget for the month and that is it. you do not spend any more (unless for a serious emergency). 

These are a few easy but effective ways to quickly start saving money! 

What do you do to save? What is something you can not resist splurging for?


  1. During college I saved all my change for like 6 months it ended up being like $100! Unfortunately now I hardly ever carry cash so I don't get that little extra money!

  2. Great tips! For my splurge purchases I love building up points on ebates and it's kind of like you're getting it for free :)

  3. Plato's Closet is awesome.....I have sold lots of stuff there!

  4. These are great tips! I'm all about the budget these days! We're still not perfect on keeping in the budget every month but we're getting there, and we're a lot more aware of where the money is going than we were before!

  5. Great tips! My husband & I used to go out to eat every single weekend (sometimes twice) for subpar food at places like Long Horn or Olive Garden. Now we try to keep it to going out only once a month & then making it somewhere really special that you can only get in our area (like the restaurant Acre in Auburn!)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  6. These are such great ideas. I didn't even think of the consignment shops!
    Love this post!


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