The Military Diet {Round 1}

At any given point in the year someone in my group of friends is on some sort of crash diet for some up coming event. I am not gonna lie, I have had my fair share of tries at various crash diets-one even landed me in the hospital...#embarrassing. Although we all want to preach being confident, it is very hard to find a female that is 100% comfortable in their skin. Either they think their nose is too big, hips too wide, etc. We also all want to "live a healthier life" and will go for a week or so eating salads/fruits and veggies and working out but, that usually tends to be a phase as well. 

Over the past few months, I have been hearing about 'the military diet'. I saw all of these stats of people loosing 3-10 pounds within 2 weeks. I am very much a "have to see it to believe it" type of person so with all of the diet nonsense, I typically don't try it out until someone I know has done it-cue Ashley

Back in May, Ashley posted her first 'review' if you will of the Military Diet. I was intrigued. Because we had so many trips/ visitors coming, J and I decided to wait until all of that was over to really try and get into a healthier regime. Also, since we are now engaged and the wedding planning is in full swing, the heat is on to get fit. 

So, what IS the military diet??
The military diet is a three day diet consisting of less that 1,000 calories per day. It is a fast way to loose up to 10 pounds a week. 

HA! 10 pounds a week? I'd like to hear how that will happen!
Well, since you asked, the average woman burns about 1800 calories a day, before going to the gym or doing any other form of exercise. The Military Diet provides under 1000 calories a day, so you’re going to lose weight if you follow it. A pound of fat is made of 3500 calories. To gain a pound of fat, you have to eat 3500 more calories than you burn. And to lose a pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 more calories than you eat. The Military Diet is designed to burn calories because you eat less than you burn for three days a week. in english: you are burning more calories than you are eating. 

So, what do you eat?!

So, how was it, really.
Ha, well you can ask Ashley, the first day, she asked me how it was going via twitter and I told her it was freakin' hard! Your body is used to eating well over 1,000 calories per day so when you shock it like this, it is hard. However, the second and third day were much easier. 

And your results?
I started on Thursday July 16 at 182 lbs (eek!)
On Monday July 20 I weighed in at 178 lbs. 

The creators of the diet suggest that on the four days off the diet, you stick to a 1,500 calorie diet. 

Although limiting yourself to 1,000 is not recommended by the Department of Health, I really enjoy this diet. I felt satisfied after each meal and have seen results. As I am not a doctor, I am not encouraging anyone to try this but I can say that it is working for me and I will continue to do it. I also just ordered a 14 day supply of the skinnyteaxtox that I will combine with this cycle. 

Per the website, this cycle of 3 days on 1,000 calories and four days on 1,500 calories can be repeated as many times until you have reached your goal weight: hot wedding bod here I come! 

Have you ever tried the military diet? What did you think??


  1. Good luck with it!! My problem with diets is that in the aftermath theres a tendency to go buck wild with food. I know because Ive been there. Just make sure you stay healthy while on it. Good luck! :D

  2. What a unique diet lol.... I suck at diets. I'm always good for about 2 weeks and then one cheat day and game over for me lol... Good luck!

  3. Wow I need to get on this!
    And it's super budget friendly lol
    trish - tales from trish

  4. Wow this osunds intense!! Not sure I could follow it haah!

  5. Wow good luck gurlie! You're doing awesome already! I've been hearing about this diet, and have only heard great things ;-)

    Happy Friday <3

  6. You know, I spent 22 1/2 years in the Army and only at the end have I heard of this military diet! I am going to check this diet out. Thanks.

  7. Yayyy! So glad it worked for you!!!

  8. I did it a few years ago but couldn't stick with it, it's too strict for me!

  9. Glad it's working for you. My problem with diets is that it's hard to stick to them when they are so ridgid.

  10. I saw Ashley's post on this a while back and was really interested in it and your post makes me really want to try it, but I just LOVE to snack! I don't know if I would have the will power to do it, but maybe I'll try!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Roise

  11. Hi! I tried the military diet in the hope of really losing 10 far, I lost 5! I did the diet last week to prepare for my sister's wedding 2 weeks from now. So to lose more pounds, I'm trying the diet again this week (am I crazy? lol).
    Anyway, I'm replacing the hotdogs with lean chicken and the tuna with broiled Cod. Hope I do lose more pounds this time around. Wish me luck!
    My sister gave me this awesome resource page, hope it helps everyone


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