Monday, August 31, 2015

Venice, Italy in 60 hours

Venice, Italy is formed of 177 canals and 409 bridges. There is a lot of territory to cover and things to see. When I went in May, I scheduled myself two full days and one half day there. When I travel-especially abroad, I prefer to pack as much as I can into each day with little to no down time. Now, obviously all of my plans are flexible and if I see something else that I want to do or hear about an interesting tour, I will do it.

I managed to cover Venice in 60 hours and 64,919 steps. Here's how:

call me crazy-or whatever you want but this was brilliant for being efficient. 

About a month before I left for Europe, I sat down and really looked into what I wanted to do while there. For each city, I made myself a little timed itinerary. 

The neon pink signifies attractions/things I wanted to do that I pre-paid for/ had an e-ticket for. 

Like I said before, everything was very flexible and could be changed. Before posting this here, I updated it with a few things I decided to do last minute and the restaurants I went to with what I ordered. 

This really really worked out wonderfully for me because it saved me for just wandering around aimlessly or wasting time. I took a photo and had it accessible on my phone as well as a printed copy I carried in my bag to write notes and such on.

Do you plan out your trips or just go with the flow??

Friday, August 28, 2015

Because. Friday

Happy Friday! 

This week was the first week back to school for our county and my first week back in the classroom! 
Between my co teacher and I, we have 16 littles. It was a such a great first week! We definitely have two-three littles that will totally test us and try to push us but the rest are dolls! The rest of the staff is also so helpful and welcoming which is awesome. Anyways, lets get on with the Friday festivities! 

1. Last weekend, J and I had a little date night including Tim McGraw and the casino! It has been a while since we have actually gone out and done something more than just a quick dinner so it was really nice. We scored pretty decent concert tickets off groupon the week before! After the concert, we went to the casino and J played on the blackjack tables. He ended up leaving with $100 more than he started with so, that was a plus. 
2. My new home away from home-aka, my classroom! I. am. in. love! 

This school is quite state of the art in terms of being up to date technology wise. They also spare no cost making sure all of the teachers have everything they need which is refreshing after the previous schools I have worked at. 

3. So, I was trying to be so good and only treat myself to coffee once a week (Friday) on my way to work but I have been the Queen of the insomnia/waking up struggle bus. I fall asleep for like an hour or so then for some reason my body wakes me up. I then have trouble falling back to sleep until about and hour- hour and a half before I am suppose to be up... 
so, I have stopped every morning this week for a coffee. #sorrynotsorry

4. The forecast around this area this weekend is looking...well, 
yay for hurricane season...


 Don't Miss Out! 

Have a fabulous and safe weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Boyfriend Chronicles {Pt. 7: The Horror Before "The One"}

So, if you have been keeping up with Coffee&Glitter, I am sure you have seen one of my latest series "The Boyfriend Chronicles". Obviously, I have made it known that I adore John and we are like peanut butter and jelly, we just work together. However, I have had my fair share of dating stories especially due to the fact that I took the online dating option. So, I figured that it was only fair for me to share with you some horror stories...enjoy!

1. The "But Why" Man
It is so crazy to me how someone can portray themselves online as one type of person and then in person, be so SO totally different. So, this guy "Mike" and I were talking for about three weeks and he seemed very normal, we added each other on facebook and then we decided to meet in person. We decided to go see a movie then go to dinner. We saw Captain America.. the reason that after all of these years and movies that I remember that is because of this: during the whole movie, every scene, he the movie theater..not whispered, but full on peeve number 45059. "why is he wearing tights?", "why does he have a shield?" "why doesn't he have like a gun or something?""why did he give that look" I finally turned to him and said "you're being really loud"...shoulda left after the movie but, of course I kept our dinner plans. We walk down the street to a sushi place and sit down. I ask him what kind of sushi he likes and he says "why is it always cold?" I reply. "why do they play this music" I reply. "but why is it always in a case?" I reply. "why-" I had had enough so I said "so what how long have you worked at (business)? He completely ignored my question and asked "why did you put wasabi in your soy sauce?" before I could even answer, he asked another question..clearly he didn't want to hear what i had to say so I stopped talking...and he kept questioning. I was so annoyed. When we got the check, I stood up and waited for him to pay. As soon as we walked outside, I headed to my car-without even saying bye! 

2. The "You, Me and Her" Man
So, this gem, we will call  Kyle. Kyle and I talked online for a while actually and discovered that we had a lot in common so it seemed to start off great. Finally we were able to pick a date to meet for dinner. He insisted on picking me up (why Sarah...why would you say yes?!) and I gave in. So 7pm sharp he is outside...calling and texting me because I wasn't out there right away...I get down there at 7:05 and I am greeted with a "Tardiness is such a turn off for me".."uh ok, Hi to you too, sorry, I had to feed my dog." So anyways, we drive to the restaurant and the whole time he is talking to me, while driving and texting on his phone. We park and walk into the restaurant and sit down. While I am talking to him, he is still typing away...he's even texting while giving his order!!!! I am beyond annoyed at this point so I excuse myself and go to the restroom. When I get back, he seems annoyed so I ask if everything is okay and 
he says "Yeah ASHLEY, I just don't like sitting at the table by myself"
me: " name is Sarah" 
Kyle: "Oh Damn! I'm sorry sweetie I got you mixed up..haha!"
me: "because that's funny..."
Kyle: "Don't take offense you are cuter than her..maybe next time we can all go out"
WOAH I am sorry?! WHAT?! so as if that isn't bad enough.. it was now around 7:40 and we had just gotten our dinners and Kyle says "Do you think we could eat quickly? I have to have time to drop you off and pick up Ashley by 8:45"
I looked at him in such disbelief and said "forget it, I can find my own way home!" He had the audacity to say "Oh, great! I'll call you later and maybe we can meet up" What a sleezeball! 

Dating to me, is one of those painful things that I am so glad I will never doing again. Although these two stories are far from all the ones I have, these are what I will leave you with for now! 

Do you have any horror stories?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fiesta Chicken {Recipe}

I love love love grilling. Currently we are in an apartment and aren't really allowed to have a grill but, we are sneaky and bought one of those little portable camping ones (insert praise hands emoji). Anyways, in Florida, it is always grilling season and I happen to have a ton of favorite go-tos this chicken however, has to be my favorite! 

Fiesta Chicken

what you will need:
-1 package of chicken cutlets (4-5 pieces)
- 3/4 cup diced tomatoes (i used heirloom but you can use whatever)
-1/2 cup colby jack cheese
-1/2 sweet onion cut into strips
-1 teaspoon paprika
- salt and pepper to taste
-coconut oil spray

what you will do:
1. set oven to 350* and turn grill on to a high temp, prep baking dish
2. remove chicken from package and rinse under cool water. pat dry
3. season chicken lightly with paprika and salt and pepper
4. when the grill is ready, place each piece of chicken on just to get the grill marks. (about 45 seconds each side) 
5. remove from grill and turn heat down to a low-med.
6. arrange onions on baking dish and pop into oven
7. place chicken back on grill until cooked throughly (10-12 minutes)
8. place cooked chicken on prepped baking dish with the onion top each chicken piece with the cheese 

9. broil for 2 1/2 minutes or until golden and bubbly
10. top with tomatoes and serve with veggies and rice 

epitome of a summer dish to me! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

From Runge to Ricker:Our Save the Dates {pt.7}

First off, why does the 'abbreviation' for Save the Date have to be S T D?! I wrote my august and september to do lists in my planner and instead of spelling out s-a-v-etc, I just wrote "STDs" was not until this morning that it dawned on me that 

"send out STD's" may not look the best in a planner...#thestruggle

anyways, we have designed, proofed, finalized, printed, and received our Save the Dates from Wedding Paper Divas

and here they are: 
because we are planning on having very formal wedding invitations, we wanted a more fun and casual "STD". Also, since these will be sent right around the time football season starts again, the jerseys are super fitting! 

We also ordered personalized stamps! (expensive, yes! cute, yes! practical, eh. necessity, yes!)
yes, these are actual real stamps! 

and finally, our wedding website is complete: 

How do you think we did on our save the dates and website?

Friday, August 21, 2015


Hi! Happy Friday!

Literally so much has been going on in my little neck of the woods lately it is insane. I don't remember the last time I did a weekly recap/friday five post but I miss them and I want to start doing them more. 

If you have been around this place for a while, you know where I stand on social media personalities/bloggers only sharing the perfect parts and snapshots of their lives. I get it. I totally don't think that the internet is the place to air out all of your problems and drama but, I do think that to an extent, it makes you more real. 

With that being said, again, if you have been around here for a while, you will know that I have taken the last 10 months off work for personal reasons, to finish school, and to "find myself" in some ways. I started blogging with a teaching blog as I was a 3 year old classroom preschool teacher. However, at my old center, the director and I did not see eye to eye on various things which out some tension between us and ended in me resigning. Over the past 10 months, I have missed being in a classroom an insane amount but, I had to take that time to decide if that was truly where my heart was. After long talks with J and debates with myself, yesterday was my first day back in a classroom and well, I loved it. J and I decided that we think it will be beneficial and work best for us for me to work until we are ready to have children as it is both of our wishes for me to be a stay at home momma. Until then though, I will be keeping my heart full in a classroom! 

Anyways, after that news, here we go for the weekly happenings! 
1. thank you. thank you. thank you. for all the birthday wishes! 24 is going to be a fantastic year! I rang it in at the happiest place on earth and where dreams come true: Disney World. My best friend/twin/maid of honor flew down from Boston to celebrate. It was planned as a girls trip but sneaky John surprised me on Saturday and showed up while we were eating lunch! 

2. I am literally the worst at remembering not being lazy and cleaning my make up brushes but Jasmine's post this week about the importance of clean brushes got me into gear! I am making it a new chore/task/goal to clean all of mine at least once a week! 

3. I love groceries. yas yas yas yas nothing thrills me more than a nice trip to Publix and a basket full of goodies! (can I be a professional grocery shopper??) So many yummy recipes and meals coming up! 

4. I am by no means a beauty blogger or make up genius but, this week, I have bee having a lot of fun playing with my make up. I spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning out and purging my makeup collection...(I probably qualified for TLC's hoarders show) I had over 35 tubes of what?! Most of them were over 6 months old and dried was redic. however, my collection is all nice and tidy now and at a reasonable amount. (John is probably praying to the gods). I am trying to get on the contour bus and also just be a bit more fun and daring! 

5. speaking of my make up collection, I hauled my recent purchase from BH cosmetics on instagram and it has gotten over 200 likes!!! like what?! #hellohashtags. 
Obviously this picture is not watermarked but, what do you all think of watermarking? is there a point? do you swear by it? think its silly?

Well, that is all I have for this Friday! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! J and I will be spending our Saturday night with this guy 
and our whole day sunday snuggled up in bed resting for the next week! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Birchbox Vs. Ipsy [August]

Today we're talking about Birchbox vs. Ipsy

I have been an Ipsy subscriber for almost a year now and I have really enjoyed the products I have been sent. My favorite part about Ipsy though has to be the bags you get each month. These have really come in handy for day-to-day use and even more so for traveling.

I started subscribing to Birchbox after watching several unboxing comparisons/ reviews on youtube. This is my second month and I am still not totally sure what I think of it.

Anyways, lets get into the products!

Birchbox Items:
eh. this product smelled amazing however, I did not feel that it gave me much volume. It was also very sticky 

LAQA& CO Lippy: $20 (in mixtape)
the color (mixtape) that I received was not a great color on me. However, I loved how pigmented and moisturizing the lippy was. I wish I would've gotten it in the Humble Brag color. 

I was not a fan of this moisturizer at all. I felt like it made my skin 10x more oily than it already is. I put it on before my make up and I felt like it also prevented my makeup from staying put. 

yes yes yes yes yes *insert praise hands emoji here* this stuff is literally liquid gold. I wish it wasn't so expensive but, it is definitely worth it! (a good dupe would be the NYX Matte Finishing Spray)

this was great! the smell was amazing and I am a lover of all oils. Oils can do so much for your hair- especially for girls with curls. 

Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed with my Birchbox this month. As this is only my second box, I will give BB three more months to see how the products go. 

Ipsy Items:
Skone Lip/Eye Pencil in Wine: $4
helloooo fall! I would definitely not use this as an eyeliner but, I will certainly be reaching for this color as a lip liner in the fall! 

Starlooks Eye Liner Pen: $19
definitely a holy grail liner. this is a liquid gel liner and the way the tip is designed, it gives you a great amount on control for the perfect winged liner

Hikari Lip Gloss in Salsa: $13
no. just no. the color. the formula. the packaging. no.

I really like the concept behind this brand (beauty without cruelty) but, it didn't really do much for me.

Jessie's Girl Eye Shadow Primer: $5.99
 I have used and received this primer before and I like it. it gives a shimmer without being too overbearing. 

Obviously, the Birchbox products retailed for much more than the Ipsy ones. However, my Ipsy bag definitely took the cake this month! 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox or Ipsy? Which is your fav?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DIY Mosaic Table

Hi dolls! So, remember like 8-ish months ago when I started..and finished a DIY mosaic table?! 

Well, I decided I should do a DIY tutorial on it!

Overall, this project cost me $55. I saw all of these gorgeous tables at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc. But they were $189+....yeah right! So, I found this table:
on a street corner (aka, $free)

then I picked up the rest of these items at home depot totaling $24

then, I picked up the tiles and grout from Hobby Lobby for $31
and viola!

What You Will Need:
a table
sandpaper (if you want to change the paint color)
spray paint (if you want to change the paint color)
water sealant
mosaic tiles

What You Will Do:

*if you are changing the paint color on the table*
1. start by sanding down the paint until you start to see natural wood
2. once the table is totally sanded, dust it off with a towel or feather duster, cover your work area, and start to spray paint the table. I used 2 coats with 12 hours in between coats. 
3. once totally dry, spray with a water sealant spray (such as Thompson's)
4. remove the glass piece and start to create a design with the tiles
5. once the tiles are where you like them, use E6000 to glue them into place. 
6. fill the gaps with grout and wait 20 minutes. 
7. once 20 minutes is up, use a damp sponge to remove the excess grout. I grouted twice. 

8. finally, seal the tiles with a polymer glaze. let dry for 24 hours and put to good use! 

Are you currently working on any diy projects?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Le Mont Botanique Review

disclaimer: these products were very graciously sent to me by Le Mont Botanique for review. All thoughts, comments, pictures and opinions are honest and my own. 

Last month Le Mont Botanique contacted me via twitter about sending me some of their facial products. Of course, I jumped at the offer-I mean, who doesn't want to try a new facial product plus, with all of the options out there, it is hard to pick one that you will love. 

Le Mont is a skincare company that specializes in formulating their products with 100% natural essential oils anthe highest quality pure plant extracts. Some of the ingredients that they use are jojoba oil, green tea extract, avocado oil, and rose water.

According to the Le Mont website, the majority of cosmetics contain chemical preservatives to ensure a long shelf life, and creams contain thickeners to make them easy to apply. The unique aspect of Le Mont is that they do not put any additives into their products. They also package their products in a single use container to ensure the products freshness. I think that this is awesome also from a hygienic aspect. If you think about it, continually putting your dirty/oily hands on the tip of the facial wash you use daily is gross! These single use tubes from Le Mont are fantastic! It also helps you from using too much. 

Finally, Le Mont does not use anything that could trigger allergies as their formulas are all natural. They are also free of Parabens, parafins, animal products or any other synthetic or chemical substances. 

I was sent:

I used this in place of my Urban Decay B6 Prep Spray. It took a day or so to get used to the amount that they design for each day but, it definitely did the trick. The primer kept my face shine free and also moisturized. Since I do have drier skin and it shows through my powder, I used the primer for morning make up application. However, LMB says that it can be used in the morning in conjunction with the day serum or at night. 

This revitalising serum I used in place of my covergirl moisturizer. The formula of this serum is fabulous and the amount per tube goes a long way. My only issue with using this is that there is no SPF in it. During the Florida summers, that is not the best thing but, other than that, I really loved using this serum. 

I am not kidding when I say this is a miracle product. My face always feels so gross to me after wearing makeup and most night creams are too heavy or keep me up from the smell. This night cream was perfection in a tube. The smell is amazing and calming almost like a lavender vanilla sort of a scent and it is very light. Again, it goes a long way. Also, my face was incredibly smooth in the morning! 

Eye serums are another thing that I am hesitant of due to some of the higher perfumed ones however, this serum again, has a pleasant smell that isn't over powering. I felt like the serum helped with the 'statement' bags that are always under my eyes and also took away some of the puffy-ness. 

This was included in the samples I was sent however, Stefanie, the lady whom I was in contact with said that it should not be used unless you have acne. I get a blemish every now and then but I do not have any acne areas so, I did not try this. 

I think that out of all the products I received, this and the night serum were my favorite. I just saw such a change in my skin with them. This is an 8 hour serum that I would use after I got home from errands and such as was able to take off my make up. It is a lotion but almost feels like a mask minus the having to wash it off  part as this just soaks into your skin. My face was definitely more moisturized after this treatment. 

These products although expensive (43 EUR) are definitely worth it. My face was transformed in only 5 days to much healthier and moisturized. The customer service with Le Mont can't be beat either. Stefanie stayed in contact with me throughout the whole shipping process and once the products were received, made her self available for any questions I had. My favorite part though about each product is that it is made with hygiene in mind, cruelty free and made with 100% natural essential oils-can't beat that! 

Have you ever heard of Le Mont? What is your favorite skin care product?

Friday, August 14, 2015

It's My Birthday!

Happy Friday Loves!

I am so excited because, I have been in Orlando at Disney World since Wednesday with my best friend/twin/maid of honor and, today is my birthday! 

In honor of me turning 24 today, I am going to tell you 24 facts about me! 

1. I have a love affair with birthday cake flavored ice cream
2. My fear of clowns and needles is unreal
3. In college, I could rap each and every Nicki verse
4. My dream vacation would be to go to Greece
5. Since I was 5, I have dreamt about my wedding and now that dream is coming true
6. It took me 3 tries to get my drivers license
7. Target is my favorite store, ever. 
8. Although I have been soda sober for almost 6 years, I crave root beer floats on the daily
9. Trashy reality TV shows are where it's at
10. I always secretly wish that I could have my own drama filled show
11. my monogram obsession is almost to the point of overkill
12. I could live off of John's grammies potato salad
13. I prefer online shopping so that I don't have to wear pants and I can drink wine
14. I like boxed wine-judge me.
15. my love of naps is increasing
16. laundry is my favorite scent
17. I hate chipotle
18. I feel so lucky that I am about to join an amazing family
19. I could watch Bridesmaids and Frozen everyday
20. Clutter and mess gives me anxiety
21. I am totally that birthday girl
22. Eventually, I want to get two more dogs
23. I love my life. 
24. I like 24 already. 

It is quite difficult to comprehend that I have been alive for 24 years. Not because I feel "old" or am scared of birthdays but, more so because it just doesn't feel like it has been 24 years. I am so thankful for all that I have been able to experience in these years such as being a part of an amazing family, finding my best friend and soulmate, traveling, realizing my dream career, and just being able to live life. 

23. you were a good year. 24. I feel like you will be even better. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Girl's Turnin' 24!- {WISHLIST}

Yowza! I am turning freaking T W E N T Y F O U R in two freaking days!

Time has just flown by since I was a little five year old diva!

Anyways, I figured I would put together my Birthday Wish List including items from some of my favorite stores!