A Guilt Free Summer Treat {Recipe}

Let's talk Summer. 

It's hot! Like real, real hot here in Florida. What is worse that it just being hot is this disgusting humidity we have been living in. Nothing ruins my morning more than getting all ready for the day only to take the dogs out for 5 minutes and come back drenched... #floridafail.

So, I am always trying to find new ways to tackle this heat from submerging myself in the pool to leaving the car running when I have to make a quick errand. The one thing that never fails is a frozen sweet treat. I give you:

talk about simple, versatile, refreshing and guilt free

for this insanely easy recipe, you will need:
-yogurt of any flavor/brand (I prefer chobani or elli quark-both can be found at Target)
-1/2 cup fresh fruit
-3/4 tablespoon chia seeds
-agave/honey (optional)
-a glass

1. unwrap the yogurt
2. finely cut or mash the fruit of your choosing
3. mix all together
4. if using agave or honey, add in last and swirl once lightly. 
5. pour into a glass and pop it in the freezer for 45mins-1 hour

When semi frozen, take a spoon around the edges and mix gently. enjoy! 

How do you beat the heat on summer days?


  1. Sounds yummy!
    I had never heard of that brand that you used.

  2. This looks so delicious! I'll definitely add this to my recipe book. I love anything that will taste sweet and yummy without being too unhealthy (though I love unhealthy treats as well because I'm a human.) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yummy! I love finding great healthy treat recipes like this, thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks delicious and easy! Thanks so much for posting.

  5. Yummy! I love ElliQuark. This looks like the perfect summer treat :)

  6. I would love this for a quick on-the-go breakfast or snack but yes to all beat the heat! It's so hot in FL!

  7. What a quick, delicious and healthy treat!

  8. Yummy!! This looks so delicious!!!

  9. This looks DELISH! Perfect for our FL summers or all year round <3

  10. So easy! And looks so yummy!! Love it!

  11. Love the post, and I shall have to try it. Texas is SUUUUPER HOT!!!! 100 degrees for weeks! Anywaaaaay...more importantly...I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's changed since I was last here! Love it!

  12. Yum. Sounds delicious. Definitely going to make this.

  13. Yum. Sounds delicious. Definitely going to make this.


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