Hi! Happy Friday!

Literally so much has been going on in my little neck of the woods lately it is insane. I don't remember the last time I did a weekly recap/friday five post but I miss them and I want to start doing them more. 

If you have been around this place for a while, you know where I stand on social media personalities/bloggers only sharing the perfect parts and snapshots of their lives. I get it. I totally don't think that the internet is the place to air out all of your problems and drama but, I do think that to an extent, it makes you more real. 

With that being said, again, if you have been around here for a while, you will know that I have taken the last 10 months off work for personal reasons, to finish school, and to "find myself" in some ways. I started blogging with a teaching blog as I was a 3 year old classroom preschool teacher. However, at my old center, the director and I did not see eye to eye on various things which out some tension between us and ended in me resigning. Over the past 10 months, I have missed being in a classroom an insane amount but, I had to take that time to decide if that was truly where my heart was. After long talks with J and debates with myself, yesterday was my first day back in a classroom and well, I loved it. J and I decided that we think it will be beneficial and work best for us for me to work until we are ready to have children as it is both of our wishes for me to be a stay at home momma. Until then though, I will be keeping my heart full in a classroom! 

Anyways, after that news, here we go for the weekly happenings! 
1. thank you. thank you. thank you. for all the birthday wishes! 24 is going to be a fantastic year! I rang it in at the happiest place on earth and where dreams come true: Disney World. My best friend/twin/maid of honor flew down from Boston to celebrate. It was planned as a girls trip but sneaky John surprised me on Saturday and showed up while we were eating lunch! 

2. I am literally the worst at remembering not being lazy and cleaning my make up brushes but Jasmine's post this week about the importance of clean brushes got me into gear! I am making it a new chore/task/goal to clean all of mine at least once a week! 

3. I love groceries. yas yas yas yas nothing thrills me more than a nice trip to Publix and a basket full of goodies! (can I be a professional grocery shopper??) So many yummy recipes and meals coming up! 

4. I am by no means a beauty blogger or make up genius but, this week, I have bee having a lot of fun playing with my make up. I spent Wednesday afternoon cleaning out and purging my makeup collection...(I probably qualified for TLC's hoarders show) I had over 35 tubes of what?! Most of them were over 6 months old and dried was redic. however, my collection is all nice and tidy now and at a reasonable amount. (John is probably praying to the gods). I am trying to get on the contour bus and also just be a bit more fun and daring! 

5. speaking of my make up collection, I hauled my recent purchase from BH cosmetics on instagram and it has gotten over 200 likes!!! like what?! #hellohashtags. 
Obviously this picture is not watermarked but, what do you all think of watermarking? is there a point? do you swear by it? think its silly?

Well, that is all I have for this Friday! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! J and I will be spending our Saturday night with this guy 
and our whole day sunday snuggled up in bed resting for the next week! 


  1. Can you go grocery shopping for me? I hate it.

  2. Oh my goodness love the grocery pic! My kitchen looks pretty similar right now after last week's market, so I'm right there with you on the food prep!

    Happy birthday! So jealous about how you celebrated (it really is the happiest place on earth!)

    Laura @

  3. Love this post! Such a fun recap for the week! I cleaned my brushes this week, too - embarrassingly overdue!! =)

  4. Your makeup looks great!! I just recently cleaned out all my makeup and geezz I was just like you! It is crazy how ridiculous it can get!

  5. Congrats on being back in the classroom! And I'm totally with you on grocery shopping, it somehow always feels therapeutic to me, haha!

  6. I would absolutely join you in being a professional grocery shopper. I LOVE going to new/different grocery stores. I could spend all day grocery shopping!

  7. Lucky you spending your birthday at Disney World! And I try to get my makeup brushes once a week too! It's so hard to remember for some reason. That makeup haul looks amazing, and I totally agree with you with grocery shopping. I love the feeling of a full pantry and fridge! Happy weekend!

  8. Everyone is ABOUT these bhcosmetics! ANOTHER brand I shall HAVE to try! That is an adorable insta pic btw, thats why it got all those likes. ;) Glad you're enjoying your new job. I'm so nervous for my kids to start next week!

  9. I heart grocery shopping, too!! Publix seriously rocks.

  10. Grocery Shopping with a kid has not been my favorite , I like going by myself because it's like a little vacation.

  11. Happy belated birthday! Love love love Disney =)

  12. Do you want to be my personal grocery shopper? I hate grocery shopping!


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