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Happy Monday! 
I don't know about you but, this is the first Monday that I actually feel refreshed in a while! It was a perfect mix between a weekend of nothing and a bit of productivity! 

Friday:I had a ton of wedding-related errands to do so I went to Michael's to pick up a bunch of DIY supplies, then to Ulta because..well I needed wanted to look at new brushes, then over to Marshalls. J slept most of the day because he had to work that night. 

Saturday: I met my dad for breakfast at our favorite little spot then came home a little before J did. We hung out and caught up on some shows of ours. We then had a little pre-birthday celebration/date night and went to see The Gift followed by late night apps&dessert at applebees-that butter pecan blondie gets me every time! 

Sunday:was just perfect! We lounged for most of the day. around noon, we went out for Five Guys and a Kohls trip- I have been on the hunt for great bathing suits for out honeymoon! We returned home and J caught up on some sleep while I caught up on some blogging things. I made another quick trip out to target... and got 4 more swimsuits (#sorrynotsorry) We finished the night with dinner from Pei Wei and Bachelor in Paradise! 

Alright, So if you have been around C&G for a while, you know my love for a good blogger survey! Brittany posted this one a few weeks ago and I had to join in the fun! 
A – Age: 23-turning 24 on August 14!
B – Biggest Fear: clowns and needles
C – Current Time: 11:35 am
D – Drink You Had Last: kusmi strawberry green tea
E – Easiest Person To Talk To: my dad
F – Favorite Song: this is always such a hard question. I'd have to say "I Won't Give Up"-Jason Mraz or "Anything Goes"-Florida Georgia Line
G – Grossest Memory: That one time I was 3 years old and my mom was giving me a bath.. I had the flu or some kind of sickness and started throwing up in the bath tub...ugh
H – Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee!
I – In Love With: my fiance, our dogs, the fact that I will be celebrating my 24th birthday in Disney with my twin and the fact that in just seven months J and I will be Mr. & Mrs.
J – Jealous Of: Anyone who has personally met Rob Gronkowski
K – Kindest Person You Know: My mommabear
L – Longest Relationship: Well, we are kind of making this a forever thing so, with John! 
M – Middle Name: Emily
N – Number of Siblings: ehh this is quite the gray area of a question.. we will go with: soon to be two brothers
O – One Wish: For every single child to be provided for, loved, and educated. 
P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: John's momma
Q – Question You’re Always Asked: I'd say the ones I've been asked most in my life are 1. have you met your real parents? (face palm) 2. What are you? (face palm) 3. Is that your real hair? (face palm) the ignorance of people KILLS me!
R – Reason To Smile: Any day spent with J and our pups
S – Song You Last Sang: "Cheerleader"-OMI
T – Time You Woke Up: ha..I woke up at 7:55 but got out of bed at 10:40
U – Underwear Color: coral 
V – Vacation Destination: Ireland, Fiji, Santorini
W – Worst Habit: Binge watching reality TV
X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Teeth, knee, appendix, lungs, chest, and ribs-yikes!
Y – Your Favorite Food: Thai, sushi, watermelon and mac and cheese
Z – Zodiac Sign: Leo

Do you love surveys as much as I? 


  1. I love your answer to longest relationship and love your middle name :)
    Id really love to do this although underwear colour?? haha - they really want to know a lot dont they?!

  2. Leo babies :) and I love the song Wont Give Up too!!

  3. Love these quizzes. Also totally shaking my head on the questions you get asked. People these days!!

  4. What a fun, fun post. Visiting you from Mingle Monday. I will have to remember to do this sometime.

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new design! It's beautiful! And I think we have very similar tastes. Coffee+Purple+Glitter= Happy Kristin ;)

  6. Awesome that you go out for breakfast with your dad! I'm a huge breakfast boyfriend and I spend so much money going out for breakfast on Sundays. Have a great week!

  7. Yay for relaxing weekends and loving your new design gurlie! Gorgeous <3

  8. Aww such a fun weekend and a cute survey to boot! Loved your longest relationship question!

  9. This is fun! August is a wild month so I may have to borrow this idea as an easier post for one of the upcoming days! Thanks for sharing.

  10. New Follower from Mingle Monday!!! I love the title of your blog BTW!!!


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