Because. Friday

i. hate. packing. 
 I feel like all I did this week was pack but yet, I look around and see so much more to do. #thestruggle. 

so, I am going to just get right into this because. friday because, I have more packing to do. 

1. my "first" vlog! 
so, a few months back, I posted a youtube video however, that was pre-engagement. Many of you know that I have decided to take John's last name after March 12, 2016 which comes with the hassle of changing all your accounts and such-well let me tell ya, google (who owns like everything now-including youtube) doesn't make it easy..long story short, there is no way to merge google accounts so, I have created a new one. new email. new blogger profile, new google+ profile and, a new youtube channel! 
I posted my first video on that channel on Tuesday!
I would love it if y'all would pop over and 'thumbs up' and subscribe! 

2. Sunday was the Miss America competition and like most things lately, I was live tweeting it...well OK TV noticed my tweet and favorited it. *insert sassy girl emoji here*

3. Tuesday night I had the privilege of babysitting the flower girl and ring bearer for our wedding and when I walked in, they were wearing their shirts!
I just love them so much

4. packing. no, this isn't something to celebrate but, since because. friday is all about what I have done throughout the week, this is pretty much all I have done..ugh. 
it is never ending. but at least I have a cute helper-thanks yoda! 

5. bold lips. 
I have always been a fan of a bold lip on everyone but me. I think I just wasn't confident to wear such a statement but, I stumbled across a few new fall lines a week or so ago and I am loving it! 
Maybelline color blur in Plum Please

and finally, have I mentioned that tonight, I am going to see LUKE BRYAN?!?!?!
hellooo friday night! 


I hope you all have fabulous and safe weekends! 


  1. That lipstick looks great on you! So gorgeous! Could your flower girl and ring bearer be any cuter?! Have fun at the concert tonight!

  2. I too love that lipstick! Great choice! While I hate packing, congratulations on the wedding & the move!

  3. Luke Bryan!! I am SO jealous, have the best time!!

  4. Packing is no fun!! But the concert sounds like a blast - you'll have a great time!

  5. I have changed my name everywhere except for google. I've pretty much given up and I will just keep using my original email address with my maiden name.. oops! hahha

  6. AHH LUKE!! i love him. Were going to see him in october when he comes to San Diego :)

  7. Nice! The kids in those shirts are just adorable! I love the lipstick on you. Have so much fun at the concert, and I hope you finish packing soon. Have a great weekend.

  8. The flower girl and ring bearer shirts are SO CUTE!! Good luck with the packing. I need to go check out your vlog, I love "empties" videos!

  9. Have fun at the Luke Bryan show! That should be a blast!

  10. Love the lips! Say hi to Luke for me!! Enjoy your weekend.

  11. First off, let me just say I love the title of your blog! I will have to check out your vlog. I'm also so jealous you are going to see Luke! I saw him once about three years ago with Jason Aldean. Have fun! If you get a chance I would love for you to stop by my blog and say hello:



  12. Hope you had a GREAT time at Luke Bryan! And I love those shirts your ring bearer and flower girl were wearing, adorable.

  13. How am I super late to the game? And that gif of Luke Bryan is everything! How was the concert?! <3

  14. Luke Bryan is awesome (and so is that GIF). Oh dear..Packing. Fun.Times. We just moved in Aprril, and I found out that work is moving, too. Yay! You are so pretty!!! I was going to write something about the Miss America Pageant...or rather..about the backlash from the nurse


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