Carry On Essentials

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love to travel. I used to be a super high maintenance traveler as in always having 3 bags, way over packing, toting things I know I won't use while away, etc. However, as of late, I feel as though I have become much more low maintenance. 

1. iPhone (duh) + a fully charged extended battery case. My case of choice is Mophie. I personally feel like having a fully charged phone and case is essential because I plan all of my trips through the various apps that I have (priceline, southwest, air bnb, etc.) so, I check them occasionally for any updates or changes. I also think that it is important if there are any hiccups along the way, you are able to check via phone instead of pulling out your laptop

2. beats headphones. I live for music so this are imperative for me to have. also, if you are stuck on a plane next to someone who wants to talk the whole time, pop these in! 

3. fuzzy socks. I got these ones from Target a few months ago. I typically travel in flip flops but, my feet get so cold on the plane so these are a must.

4. travel blanket. again, I am always cold so I usually bring a north face and a blanket-especially on long haul flights-so that I can get cozy

5. face wipes. airplanes are disgusting y'all. I mean if you really think about it, you're pretty much sitting in a germ incubator-don't you want to hop on a plane now?-planes are also extremely drying so, I like to bring a hydrating facial wipe with me to 1. freshen up after a nap 2. rehydrate my face a bit 3.wipe down the head areas and tray top (i know they are not antibacterial but, still) 

6. dove dry spray. because i like to smell good. 

7. benefit they're real. after a midair nap, I like to run to the restroom and freshen up a bit and if nothing else, i like to apply some mascara because without it, i look like a zombie

8. ipsy makeup bag. I do always pack the basics-foundation, powder, eyeliner, shadow, blush/bronzer, etc. but, it is rare that I apply it on the plane. My pro tip is to only pack what fits in an ipsy bag! 

9. macbook. this is not an 'essential' and actually, most of the time that I am overseas, I do not bring my laptop just because I am there to sightsee-not facebook but, if I am taking a trip in the states, I will bring it just to get a few things done here and there

10. eos lip balm. chapped lips ain't cute!

11. monogrammed "longchamp" bag. gotta carry all this stuff some how! 

12. spirit jersey. it is all about the comfort. I literally own like 22 spirit jerseys and I am a frequent wearer of them on travel days. I do not get dressed up to sit on a plane for 8+ hours #whyiamnotafashionblogger 

What are your carry on essentials?!


  1. Love these! Especially the travel blanket and the eos--YES! I dont go anywhere without my chapstick lol
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I am such a high maintenance traveler (high maintenance everything, really). I agree with all of this! And that bag is the cutest!

  3. This makes me want to go somewhere asap! Great list!

  4. I agree with the fuzzy socks because I usually wear flip flop too! Forgot them on our trip over the weekend though along with my airplane neck pillow and my

  5. I need to start bringing face wipes with me on trips! You're the second person that has recommended them to me. And of course, I couldn't survive without my phone!

  6. I love it! I love having a tote that zips at the top, perfect for pushing under the seat and pulling out over and over. :) I typically read, read, read on flights. It's often hard for me to find time in my normal weeks at home... so it's the perfect flight escape. That and gum and a bottle of water and I am a pretty happy camper. :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. I've always felt that planes are basically a flying germ box, and I like to wipe down as much as I can too. Loving those wipes! Great picks girl :)

  8. That travel blanket looks amazing!!! I do a swoop over everything with a wet wipe!!


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