My Unpopular Opinion: Chipotle

Hey Loves! So, if you don't know, I am obsessed with Brittany from Your Friend Brittany she keeps it so real over on her blog and that is pretty freakin' cool if you ask me. If you don't read her blog, click it and read it for some good laughs.

Anyways, she frequently posts "Her Unpopular Opinion" which is basically her view point or stance on a subject that she may feel differently about than most..hence why it may be unpopular. I am deciding to occasionally share a few of my 'unpopular opinions' with you as I think that it is very interesting to see where people stand on various topics.

Today: Chipotle

I think that we can all agree that we know someone like this. However, I can assure you that that someone is not me.

In fact, I think that Chipotle is mediocre at best. I will say, before anything else, that there guacamole is on point for sure #ionlygofortheguac but, I think that their burritos and bowls and whatever else is really just "meh"

I feel like you can not go to chipotle and not feel sick after. I haven't ever been and totally finished what I ordered but even still I always just feel over full. It is almost like the food doesn't digest properly and it just sits extra heavy in your belly.

I also hate that even their 'mild' salsa packs a good punch. Call me a baby if you wish but I just don't like it! It is funny though because I could live off of spicy thai food but there is something about the pepper-y spicy that mexican food tends to have that I can not handle.

I feel like chipotle became popular because it was popular to like chipotle-does that make sense? probably not but #whatevs.

Also, when I do go, I typically get either a steak burrito bowl or a steak salad. Everytime I go, I end up with at least 5 pieces of fatty steak amongst the rest. So why don't you order a different meat? Well, simple, the chicken-at least at ours, is always dry and the carnitas is again, too spicy for me.

I totally get that I am probably in my own little world of anti chipotle over here but I would take Moes or Tijuana Flats (local to FL) over Chipotle any day!

Are you anti or all for Chipotle?


  1. YES! I do not like it, either. It's not that great and it's expensive for what it is! Not sure why everyone loves it so much! And Brittany rocks!

  2. I only like their chicken quesadillas. I'm not a meat eater. But I prefer authentic mexican food. That video of the kid has always been my favorite lol

  3. Oh I am totally with you girl!! This girl I used to be friends with was OBSESSED with Chipotle and she even emailed her town she was living in for college asking about the construction of a Chipotle. I would much rather go to Moes! Hmmm now you having me want Moes!!

  4. We have only been to Chipotle once, it was years ago, and we never went back because we were like "meh" and I swear, everything we ate there tasted really strongly of lime. I mean, I like lime but EVERYTHING tasted like it. So weird. I totally get what you mean about it becoming popular just because it was popular, that definitely happens. Also Tijuana Flats YUM!!!

  5. I agree with you 100%! I'll take Moes any day over Chipotle. Ugh.

  6. My husband is obsessed with Chipotle and I think it's gross. I don't understand what the big deal is! I'd much rather got to Cafe Rio.

  7. I agree that Chipotle became popular by a bunch of "basic girls" and people started liking it because they thought they had to. I like Chipotle, but feel like Qdoba, Pancheros, Tijuana Flats, etc.. are all the same. And huge bonus points to Qdoba for not charging extra for guac <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. I never go to Chipotle. I go to Pancheros, which is similar. The same basic concept, but 100x better. It's the only place like that I'll go to now. No Chipotle or Qdoba for me.

  9. Finally!! It's so rare to find someone else who doesn't like it either. It never seems to be of a quality higher than what I could do at home. I prefer homemade or a local, family run Mexican restaurant.

  10. Insert emoji praise hands here! I so agree with this. Definitely don't understand the hype!

  11. I don't like chipotle either!!! I think everything tastes..... Weird. Especially their chicken.


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