Pura d'Or Review

the products mentioned below were sent to me in exchange for a review. all opinions and pictures are my own.

If you have been around here for a while, you will know that I have some serious hair goals since being engaged. 

I have always struggled with my hair as it is very kinky/curly (type c) and it wasn't until recently that I really learned how to deal with it. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be just like my friends who all had poker straight blond hair. They would jump in a chlorinated pool, swim for a while then just put it in a messy bun. When it was time to wash their hair, they would use the best smelling fruity shampoo they could find and then blow dry it or again, put it in a messy bun... I copied them. 

end result, massive damage to this curly hair of mine. 

Since April, I have sworn off all heat tools until my wedding hair trial day and then again until the day of the wedding. My hair will never be 'healthy' again but with the help of some life changing products, it will get close. 

Enter, Pura d'Or. A few weeks ago, a Pura d'Or rep and I got in contact and I was sent a few products to review:

-Gold Label Organic Anti Hair Loss Shampoo $35
this shampoo is argan oil based with a complex formula of vitamin B and biotin in it. my hair has had a history of breaking just from running a comb through it as a result of over using a flat iron. this shampoo was perfect for me as it really strengthened my hair follicles. I noticed over the past few weeks a decrease in the strands of hair that were left in my comb after running it through my hair. this shampoo also thickens and adds volume. the one negative to this shampoo is the smell. it is almost like a hair toner smell. although the conditioner takes that smell away quickly, I couldn't stand it for the mere 2 minutes I take to lather it in and let it sit so I added some lavender essential oil to it and voila! 

unlike the shampoo, this conditioner smells amazing. it is lavender scented which (obvs) I love. The conditioner is coconut and vegetable based which helps to hydrate and repair damage from roots to ends. This stuff is weightless and I love it! After using this conditioner for a few weeks, my hair is much shinier and feels healthier. I feel like my hair is much more manageable after using this product. I used to use literally 6 products on my hair to get it at least tamed down but now I am down to 3!

-100% Pure Organic Argan Oil $24
love love love love love. my hair desperately needs oil and soaks it up like crazy without becoming oily or greasy looking. I will say that if you have thin, fine hair I'd skip this. This is legitimate oil. I use the dropper and apply 8-10 drops of oil into my palms. Starting with the ends, I work it into my hair to the scalp. I massage whatever is left on my hands into my scalp for 25-30 seconds. The awesome thing about this oil though is that you can also use it on your skin. 

I have been doing a lot of research lately about what is good/is not good for my hair. Although the prices on some other brands that you might find in a drug store are appealing, the ingredient list is not. For about a month, I was using a "moroccan oil" from a drug store that I had heard good reviews on..however once I did my research I realized that it was chalked full of parabens and silicone...fyi steer clear of that crap! 

The Pura d'Or products although a bit more pricey are all organic and really do work wonders! 

Have you used any of these products?


  1. As a straight-haired blonde, I have never used these products! But I have done so much damage to my hair: bleaching, heat styling, etc. It's so important to give your hair a break!

  2. Great review :) Argan oil is great for your hair and after a rain filled day my hair needs some pampering.



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