Twitter Chats for Bloggers

I don't know about you but, twitter can get a bit crazy at times. 
If you are new to twitter or, didn't know that twitter "chats" are a thing, well, welcome. 

I am giving you a guideline of twitter chats that are specific to bloggers! 
A lot of these are chats that are hosted by UK bloggers-I couldn't find many US hosted ones so, if you know of some, let me know! They have been categorized by day and time in EST


#girlstravel                        2pm - Travel talk for Women
#bdib                                 3pm - Bloggers Do It Better {Topic}
#beautyBabble                   4pm - Beauty lovers
#bdibNA                            8pm - Bloggers Do It Better {Topic}
#foodiechat                        8pm - Food bloggers
#creativecoffeehour            8pm - Lifestyle Bloggers
#thestumbleisreal              10pm - Lifestyle Bloggers


#fblchat               4pm - Fashion Beauty Lifestyle chat {Topic}
#bloghour            5pm - All bloggers {Topic}


#lbloggers    2pm - Lifestyle bloggers {Topic}
#bbloggers           3pm - Beauty bloggers {General}


#bloggerspace      3pm - Chat about blogging wherever you are
#crazybloggers    3pm - All bloggers {Topic}
#fdbloggers         4pm - Food bloggers
#blogphotochat    4pm - Blog photography chat {Topic}


#beautychat         2pm - Beauty Chat for bloggers
#bdib                   4pm - Bloggers Do It Better {Topic}
#bdibNA              8pm - Bloggers Do It Better {Topic}


#SITSblogging      10am - All bloggers
#socialbloggers    2pm - All bloggers {Topic}


#Blogchat               9pm - All Bloggers

Cool, so like what do I do with this info.. you may be asking, 
well, at the time of the chat, log on to twitter and search the #hashtag. Click the button at the top that says "live". 

The chat host usually starts by welcoming people and reminding them to use the specific hashtag each time they post. Then, the host will start asking questions in a format similar to this:
Q1: What is your blog URL and location?
then, the chat participants (you) would respond:
A1: in Florida
and it just goes on from there. Most chats are only 30 minutes-1 hour

What twitter chats do you participate in? Leave your twitter handle below so I can follow you!  


  1. This was really helpful! I haven't really participated in any chats yet, but I really want to get into it :)

  2. Thank you! I'm new to blogging and to Twitter.. I will be saving your post!

  3. Great topics for chats. Hopefully I can attend at least a few of them. @jillconyers

  4. OMG thank you SO much for this!! I've been wanting to join more Twitter chats recently but didn't know where to start looking.

  5. Such a nice post, thanks for sharing!

  6. This is so amazing! Thank you! I have yet to participate in a Twitter chat but really want to meet new bloggers and expand my reach!

  7. I honestly love that you've compiled this list...I plan to visit this post frequently as a reminder because I always forget when chats are, haha! Commenting via The Blogging Elite from

  8. Thank you for writing about this...I would try to go onto Twitter chats and never knew where to even start! I'd search for the hashtag and then miss all of the posts. LOL

  9. I had no idea about any of this!

  10. This is extremely helpful. Twitter can be difficult to navigate through at times and I was starting to question if it's actually helpful for expanding my reach as a blogger. Do you find it more effective than instagram or other social media outlets? Thanks for sharing! My Twitter handle is feliciabsilver

  11. This is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing all of these.. I'm always looking for new chats to join in on! They're fun and I always meet great people :)

  12. Oh gosh this is so needed! I always say I'm going to do a twitter chat but have no clue where to find them so thank you!

  13. What a great list of chats! Unfortunately, I think there is maybe one on here that I could attend. That whole work thing gets in the way a little bit :-(

    There's also SITSGirls on Saturday at 8:00 EST. I think they also hold one on Tiesday nights. fireworks people hold a chat on Tuesday nights as well. I think Crestive Lounge has one on Thirsday nights.

  14. This is so awesome. Pinning for later!

  15. I enjoy twitter chats so much! I will have to hop on this upcoming week. Thank you for putting these together.

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  17. #AdvTravelChat is happening right now! Also #passionproject (also a facebook group) happens on every Monday at 9 p.m. with topics changing each week.

  18. I'm definitely going to check out Twitter Chats now! Lol! I never knew they existed before this post! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! <3 My Twitter handles are: fangirlnerdette and sexandholycity because I have two blogs. ;) <3 <3

  19. Love this post because im new to blogging and twitter and this has helped a lot so thanks

  20. This is so awesome! I also participate in Blogging Groups on Facebook chats. #TheBloggerLife on Tuesdays at 8pm #passionchat Mondays at 9, and a couple others here and there.

  21. The one I make it to most weeks is #BlogElevated, it's at 9pm/CST on Monday.

  22. Oh, nice! This is really cool! I'll have to add the relevant ones to my calendar. Thank you for sharing this.

  23. Thank you for this blog I actually did not know anything about twitter chats.


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