Weekend Rewind

Would you like to know what is so fabulous about this Monday?! Instead of waking up at 5am, getting ready, taking the dogs out, and doing some last minute blog promo, I am still in my warm cozy bed snuggled up with my honey and furbabes. *praise hands emoji* for holidays! 

so, I am like addicted to snap chat like it is my new go-to social media app. if you aren't friends with me on snap chat yet, 
you're welcome #noshameinmyselfpluggame

anyways, I thought it'd be fun to do this weekends weekend rewind via snapchat snaps! 

S A T U R D A Y 
Saturday morning I was up bright and early to get my nails done as they were looking ratchet AF...you know it's bad when John asks when I am going to get a fill...oops! On my way home, I decided to swing by his work to say hi, see the ware house dogs, and get some produce. He showed me all the stuff he has to do overnight and it was pretty cool. 

the owners of the warehouse installed security cameras so as I was in and out of the coolers getting what we needed, he decided to take pictures of me through the camera screens...
I totally look like I am stealing! 

When he got home, he got ready and we left to do a few errands including...SENDING OUT THE SAVE THE DATES! EEK! It is getting so real now! T-187 days! We then treated ourselves to a chick fil a lunch before returning home for him to do homework and me to work on sensory boxes for my littles. 

Saturday night we were both feeling like a good southern home cooked meal-clearly we were off the wedding diets this weekend, and I made "grammies chicken", mac and cheese, broccoli, and roasted brussels sprouts-yum! I finished off the night working on our 2015-2016 NFL seasonal decor-yes, I hand made both of the door hangings! We are ready for Thursday. 

talk about a lazy AF day... but it was grand. I woke up, took the dogs for a long walk, showered, then put on nice comfy clothes before staking my spot on the couch. 
I did a little bit of labor day sale shopping, on line of course, then worked on lesson plans. 

It was a rainy, miserable day out but it was the perfect weather for puppy snuggles and getting computer work done. I also caught up on a few shows! Best past of the day: getting an email from Ulta letting me know I had finally reached platinum status! 

I ended Sunday with dinner at Lee Roy Selmons with my momma and J! 
at dinner, my momma handed me a box anddddd our wedding napkins came in this week! eek

Well, I hope you all had fabulous weekends and are continuing that into today! Add me on snapchat to stay up to date with the C&G happenings beyond the screen! 


  1. So fun! I love the Patriots! I'm from New Englad!

  2. How exciting fro the save the dates and napkins! I also love the wreath, Whoo Go Pats!

  3. I love those napkins!!! I became a platinum member as well last month lol

  4. How exciting to send out your save the dates! It wont be long now
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  5. I absolutely LOVE snapchat. It's my latest addiction. And are you a Patriots fan? I noticed your NFL decorations. If you are YAY. I am a HUGE fan too and cant wait for the season to officially start


  6. What great times! Love the napkins, and the football plate! :-) Thanks so much for sharing this over at MMM! I am so glad you came!

  7. I still don't have Snapchat. Nothing against it; just haven't gotten around to it yet.
    Sounds like you had a good weekend.


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