Weekend Rewind

It is crazy that September is already halfway over! 

There are so many exciting things coming up such as 
Luke Bryan on Friday Night
Florida Georgia Line in 24 days 
and a 
Disney Family Reunion with Js family in 33 days! 

anyways this weekend, although uneventful was very productive! 

F R I D A Y 
after J got off work, we ran over to his school to turn in his graduation application *whoop whoop* after, we decided to take a very scenic route home and house hunt in a city north of where we are currently. after doing this, I realized that our stuff is really out of order so, I spent the rest of the night coming up with a home system to keep our accounts in order and us financially in check. 

When J got home, we ran a few quick errands and grabbed a quick lunch. When we got back home, we watched the Equalizer and J fell asleep. 
I snuck out for a few hours to run a few other errands to Ulta and Target before retuning home to watch Mean Girls with the pups. 

S U N D A Y 
I woke up with a craving for avocado toast and if you have never had avocado toast, we can't be friends. 
I finally mustered up the motivation to start packing for our upcoming move and that lasted for like an hour. y'all there is nothing I hate more than packing up all of our belongings into boxes. it is stressful and it sucks. if you have any packing tips/tricks or hacks puh-lease let me know! 
We I finished the afternoon with some blogging tasks while J watched football and finished up some homework. We then met my momma for dinner at quite arguably one of the best restaurants around. 

*quick shameless self promo* 
switching google account info is one of the hardest things to do 
I had to recreate a youtube channel with my soon-to-be- name which caused me to loose my followers and past videos. 
I would really appreciate it if you would take a second to subscribe to my new channel! I plan to start posting videos late this week or early next week!

Happy Monday Loves! Make it a great one!


  1. Ugh, packing. It is THE worst!! Good luck with that--I know it's not fun :(

  2. Packing is seriously the worst! But avocado toast is the best :)

  3. I hate packing, too! We're house hunting and I swear I'm going to pay someone to pack for us... Why is it so hard?! That avocado toast looks amazing! I'm convinced avocado is good on anything.

  4. Oh don't remind me that September is almost half way over. Yes avocado toast is the best and packing is the worst! I am definitely guilty of just throwing things into bags and not truly packing/organizing. Whoops.

  5. OBSESSED with avocado toast! I like adding some red pepper flakes :)

  6. Sounds like a mixed weekend. Good luck with your move, take it slowly and you will get there :) x

  7. SUPER jealous that you're going to see Luke Bryan this weekend <3

    Green Fashionista


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