Battle of the Primers

NYX Photo Loving Primer $13.00 
BH Cosmetics Anti Shine Primer $9.00
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36.00

Let's talk primers. Until the last year or so, I never used a face primer. I didn't really get the point and I felt that I didn't have the time in my mornings to take that extra step. However, I woke up one day and did my usual make up routine and three hours later that morning, my makeup was running all over the place and my foundation was a clumpy mess. I went into Ulta thinking that my foundation may have just gone bad when one of the ladies stopped me and asked if I needed anything. I explained my situation and she asked what primer I used. I replied "none". She quickly went and grabbed 10 different ones varying in prices and formulas. I grabbed three and went on my way. 

Since then, I have tried out about 50 different brands and I have learned a few things..
1. I a b s o l u t e l y need a primer
2. it takes like 2 seconds
3. I like a light matte finish
4. I do not like a strong scent
5. I do not like a cream

so, this brings me to the battle of three very similar primers that I go back and forth with. before really getting into the nitty gritty, all of these primers are very similar in formula. They all have that light silicone-y finish, no scent, and mattify. 

NYX Photo Loving Primer
NYX ClaimsPrepare your canvas with our silky primer. The Studio Perfect Primer formula is easily absorbed creates a smooth surface for foundation and ensures the longevity of your makeup.

My Review: this. stuff. is. great. a little definitely goes a long way. if you are looking for a Smashbox dupe, this is your best bet. The formula is identical and it is long lasting. I would say that I get about 10-12 hours of wear with this primer. 

How Often Do I Reach For This One: This is more than likely my everyday primer- with that $13 price tag (and usually can be found on sale at Ulta), you can't beat it! 

BH Cosmetics Anti Shine Primer
BH Cosmetics Claims: Keep your complexion looking fresh and shine free with Studio Pro Anti Shine. Tap this invisible lightweight gel over or under your makeup to mattify the skin, reduce the appearance of large pores and absorb excess oil.

My Review: note that the claim refers to this formula as a gel-it does come off a bit gel-like on your fingers but goes on as a silicone-y type of formula. This formula is not as long lasting (8-10 hrs.) as the other two I am reviewing but, it is a bit more mattifying. I feel like I never have to oil blot or reapply powder when I use this primer. 

How Often Do I Reach For This One: Due to the fact that you can only get this from their website, I will wait until I have list of a few items I need before repurchasing. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Smashbox ClaimsThe revolutionary formula has oil absorbers for a smooth matte finish all day, light diffusers to minimize the appearance of imperfections, and vitamin C and peptides to help even skin tone and promote collagen production for a flawless future. Now in a sleek tube for perfect dispensing down to the last drop! 

My Review: whyyyy do you have to be so pricey?! this is my ultimate primer. I can honestly say that this primer stays put for 12-14 hours. The formula is so insanely lightweight and mattifying. I love the way it feels when it goes on-smooth, hydrating and flawless! 

How Often Do I Reach For This One: Quite honestly, as much as I love the Smashbox brand, I just can't fathom paying the $36 for this primer when the NYX primer is an identical dupe for a fraction of the cost. I will use this primer when it is sent to me as a sample, free gift with purchase, etc. 

What is your holy grail primer?!
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  1. I love the Smashbox Primer! I didn't even know NYX had a dupe for it, so thank you! I'm gonna have to give it a go sometime


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