Holy cow y'all. It is already October.. that is literally insane to me. I also am having a hard time believing that it is October as it is still 95+ degrees out down here. I am however so excited to finally be able to say that things are finally settled down over here and we are all moved in.. now we are just waiting on verizon to come install our cable/internet-ugh! 

Anyways, let's get on with this Because. Friday!

1. gullible facebook users
y'all kill me with this stuff. I wanted to physically jump through the screen and shake every ditz on my feed that copy and pasted that nonsense. I am so embarrassed that several people that I am actually close with reposted that crap.. #fail. 

2. living at John's grandmothers
So, I have never had grandparents of my own. They all passed away when I was very very young. John however is just about overloaded in the grandparent department and I love it. Each set are all so sweet and differ in their own ways. We are staying at his mothers moms house. She is best known as "Grammie". I love being out here. She is so fun to run around town with and even just hanging around at the farm. Plus holy comfort food. definitely not beneficial to the wedding diet but I mean.. one can not just say "no" to some of the best food around. 

also, our two furbabes get to hang out with the rest of the gang and they are loving it!

3. blog improvements
so, I have really buckled down and started to get more serious about Coffee&Glitter. I have revised my media kit and I have 4 new company (mostly make up brands) proposals in the works! I am also working on my sponsorship page so, I am offering 25% off any ad spot! 

Click HERE and use the code: FallforCG

4. #FallforSYBL
I am honestly so thrilled that the Show Your Blog Love challenge has taken off so well! 
If you haven't joined in yet, start now! 

5. Brad Paisley 
oh yes. Hello Friday night! 

Happy First Friday of October Loves! 


  1. Great recap. I love that you have grandparents in your life now! Grammies can be so fun. Good luck on getting your blog serious and to the point you want it!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how gullible people are whenever there is a fake FB announcement, and there are all these people posting about it. Something like that would make real news *head desk* lol.

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. I'm still trying to figure out how to set up a proposal. I've worked with many brands but just free product to review.


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