it has been all about family and travel behind the CG screen. if y'all don't follow me on Instagram, you should and you will see that last weekend I spent in Arizona with my Maid of Honor and Brother in Law (to be). O is stationed out there and we went to spread some family cheer. 

Due to my extreme lack of blogging during those five days, I will use this Because.Friday to recap our shenanigans.

t h u r s d a y
with a 3am wake up call, I was on my way bright and early to the tampa airport. i was so proud of myself because while sitting there i was trying to be proactive and get ahead with my blogging..well that almost backfired. Em texted me asking what time i took off and i decided to look up and look my surprise, the gate area was basically empty-not a good sign 5 minutes before your scheduled departure time. i got lost in the screen and missed literally e v e r y boarding announcement for my flight. i quick ran to the boarding door and got to my seat just in time-way to adult, sarah. 
anyways, i landed in phoenix thirty minutes before Em and found the nearest starbucks super soon after, i was met by O. we waited for em then started our weekend festivities with in&out burger.
we then went to O's base and he showed us around. he had to help set a few things up so Em and I went cactus hunting. #touristlife
we then decided it was dinner time and O took us to a mexican restaurant called Macayo's
and, lets be real, no family trip is complete without a trip to walmart. 

f r i d a y
we woke up and went to Black Bear Diner. we then ran back over to the base to drop off the goodies i made for O and the fire department. we spent about two hours on the base as it was a flight day and we were super into watching the planes train. 
O then wanted to show us Tempe Lake. we drove over that way and saw the lake and then found our way to Dierks Bentley's Bar Whiskey Row..we definitely spent a lot of time there but it was so great to catch up and share stories. 

we then ventured over to one of the malls and made fools of ourselves on the little kids rent-an-animal things. 

s a t u r d a y
we woke up and were all on the same page:food. we went to a place called Crave which serves everything between a waffle. O then suggested we go go-karting. i did one round but it was definitely not for me so i sat the second round out and played photographer. 
then, it was time for Florida Georgia Line, Thomas Rhett, and Frankie Ballard. 

y'all. we. were. so. close. 
s u n d a y
O had to work so Em and i were on our own for breakfast. we went to a place called the Haymaker and it was pretty delish. we then decided to pull the "mom" card and went to walmart to get some things we decided O needed in his room. we then headed to the base to see O and drop off his goodies. 
while we were there, we also took the liberty of re-organizing his room. 
sadly, this was Em's last day so she said bye to O then we headed to the airport. 
after i dropped her off, i was on my own for the rest of the night so i did a little exploring of the AZ malls. 

m o n d a y
O got off his shift at 645 and I headed to the base around 745. we went to breakfast at the base country club before setting out for another walmart run, hobby lobby, his tux fitting and the mall. 
after all of our errands were done, we returned to his room to organize (proud sister moment-he helped and it looks great!) 
the last meal of the trip was BBQ from Rudy's
i ended the day saying by to O before boarding my red eye home. 

AZ you hold such memories that I never expected to have. 
You also hold a little piece of my heart for at least the next five years. 
AZ, you are pretty great. 

and now, I am spending today running around doing last minute errands, finishing Em's birthday present and packing because from tomorrow to wednesday, we will be in disney with basically all of J's family! Em's birthday is on tuesday so, we are having a family reunion/24th birthday celebration with the mouse! 

What city holds special memories for you?


  1. Fun, fun weekend...! And omg, can you please send me an In & Out..? Yummmsss!

  2. Omg I went to see FGL this past January and they were SO freaking amazing. Like, I seriously could not handle there level of hot-ness.

  3. Looks like fun! I grew up in AZ so a lot of this stuff looks oh so familiar to me ;)

  4. Such a fun trip! And yay for not missing your flight, totally sounds like something I would do too ;-)

    Green Fashionista

  5. Looks like you had a fun trip!! Your snap chats were so funny!!

  6. This looks like a really fun trip! I love Arizona!

  7. Looks so fun! I love In n Out so much! I haven't been in ages but you've made me want it now! I'd love to go to Arizona again and do all of this!

  8. Sounds like y'all had a ton of fun! I'm jealous of your In n' Out burger on the Gulf Coast, our nearest one is in Dallas :(

    I host a Photo Friday link-up each week - this would be a perfect post for it! I'd love it if you considered joining us ;)

  9. What a fun trip and so cool you got to see Florida Georgia line!

  10. y'all seem like a fun group! I bet that Florida Georgia Line concert was a blast! Thanks for sharing!


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