Happy Friday Loves 
Honestly, I do not think that this Friday could have come any sooner. This week was a bit rough to say the least. John's grandmother went out of town and left us me in charge of the farm, house, and dogs for the week-simple enough, right? w r o n g you know that saying anything that can go wrong will? Well that came true. 
1. the front gate spazzed out and broke (but, I fixed that)
2. chloe got out of the gates and I had to run down a five mile long road trying to find her-thankfully 3. the neighbors found her
4. the dryer broke
5. one of her dogs got super sick
6. the hose sprung a huge hole
7. I saw a snake. 

T G I F 

so, needless to say, I am drinking a large glass bottle of wine while writing this. I am linking up with my girl Allison from Allison Says So this Friday for In vs. Out. 

with all of the bad this week, there were sone high points
-getting my nails done. I love my nail tech. I have been going to her for over two years and I just adore her. I literally walk in and tell her I am up for whatever trend she wants to try and she never lets me down. This week I went in and she wanted to try out a matte gel top coat-I am OBSESSED y'all!

-pumpkins. it's fall y'all-doesn't feel like it but, it is! if you follow me on snapchat (ssarahhhh14) you will know that I have been on the hunt for the great pumpkin. 

-grilling out. since it is still hotter than hades here, we are still grilling out. 

-bogo bath and body works candles. yes yes yes yes. did you stock up?! I really think it would have been a sin if I didn't buy at least 8..which then resulted in 8 more free-score! 

-migraines. I have been getting them more and more frequently lately

-series of unfortunate events. everything going wrong when you are farm/house sitting

-this weather. florida. like I get that you are the sunshine state but can you like drop it down to the 50's and then shine the sun? you are killin' me! 

What was in and out for your week?

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Don't forget, Sunday the November Instagram Challenge Starts! 

Will you be joining in?!


  1. I do gel nails too! I need to see if they have that matte coat!

  2. Yay for photo challenges I might join!!! It's hard to keep up! Haha

  3. Oh my gosh you did have a tough week! Enjoy that wine! :) I am going to get some Bath and Body Works candles this weekend, any favorite scents?

  4. BBW candles are seriously the most amazing thing ever haha!

  5. I hit up the Bath and Body sale, but girl. You knocked out that sale. You got some good ones!!

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  7. I *hate* when stuff in my house breaks! Glad you had some high points in your week. :)

  8. I did a similar post called faves and fails...mani/pedis will ALWAYS be in:)

  9. I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog, but the font is so hard to read I'm having a really hard time enjoying it lately! It's so tall, thin, and skinny!

    Still love your content though :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. It definitely sounds like you've had quite a week! Hopefully this weekend will be nice & relaxing :). Fresh Sparkling Snow is one of my favorites from BB&W so seeing your candles made me really excited that they are stocking it again!

  11. I love B&BW candles, they are the best!
    xo, Syd

  12. Your nails are adorable! I just looked at mine and decided it was time to head to the salon.... :D

  13. Thank for linking up! I love photo challenges and this will be a good one! I feel you on the farm sitting--I watched the boyfriend's farm BY MYSELF while their whole fam went on vacation and it was a nightmare. NEVER again.


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