I Literally Can't Even Adult

I would like to start this off by saying "thanks...for nothing" to my high school and college teachers. 

I can pass a level two stats class.
I can speak French fluently.
but I can not adult for my life. 

1. mean girl quotes are my life.
there is never a time, in my opinion where they are inappropriate. 

2. I frequently plan to cook dinner but once that time rolls around, my motivation has gone out the window.

3. I a l w a y s freak out when a cop gets behind me-even if I am not doing anything wrong.

4. I have really been getting into the habit of packing late the night before or the morning of a trip.

5. I hate talking on the phone.
If it can't be texted, it probably isn't important.

6. I like to stay in my pjs until around 230-3..pm.

7. I very firmly believe in celebrating small victories. 
this would include things such as:
-paying the bills on time
-waking up before 11am
-getting out of bed before 2pm
-buying groceries

8. When people ask me questions.. 
is a very mature and respected answer in my opinion

9. I need a chaperone at all times
because, sometimes I just can't even. 
I am one of those toddlers that has to touch everything in a store. 
and when I drink...well, see above. 

10. I have no desire to be a real adult, ever. 
Like those men and women who are all uptight all the time and wear uncomfortable black suits from 8-5 monday-friday...never gonna be for me! 

What do you have trouble adult-ing with?


  1. I always panic on some level when a cop is behind me too...I think it's a natural reaction :)

  2. hahha so funny! I ALWAYS freak out when a cop is behind me!!!! For no reason at all, lol!

  3. ha ha love this Friday funny! Small victories should be celebrated, always with wine lol!

    My kids get up at 4-5, I can't adult then. They can watch tv, eat toast on the couch and I sit and drink coffee (they are both under 3 lol!). I also ALWAYS freak when a cop is around. Who likes getting in trouble??

  4. Hahaha these are too funny! I freak out when a cop is behind me too!

  5. So many of these are true for me, but especially #2 and 5! Also, I just had candy and cookies for breakfast. I'm really good at this adult thing, obviously.

  6. Staying up late, waking up early. Ugh all adulting problems.

  7. Meal planning gets me every time. I try to do the responsible thing and plan out meals for a week but…then stuff happens and I never get to it. Or I do it halfheartedly lol. Thanks for posting!

  8. Ahahahaha I relate to most of these. ;P You're hilarious!

  9. Hahahaha, yes to every single one of these! Especially Mean Girl quotes, talking on the phone and freaking out every single time I see a cop car. Thanks for the laugh today. Cheers to a weekend where we hopefully don't have to adult at all!

  10. This post is literally my life lol You hit it dead on with this one!!

  11. Hahaha Adulting has been such a struggle for me.
    I feel like I am constantly just fake adulting.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  12. Lol, I think each year I grow older it just gets worse. I won't even tell you how many are me! Too funny.

  13. Lol, I think each year I grow older it just gets worse. I won't even tell you how many are me! Too funny.

  14. Cracking up! I feel the same most days but put on my big girl panties and tackle the day. Only to pay the bills otherwise, hell to the no. I would be in bed all day!

  15. This was hilarious! I totally hear you!

  16. Oh goodness! I'm married and have a kid and I still can't adult at times!

  17. You're not alone...I always assume I'm about to be arrested when a cop is nearby. Between my paranoia about being pulled over and my Google search history I worry I'm going to be sent away for a crime I didn't commit.

    Adulting is overrated. :)

    Visiting from the Blogging Boost group.


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