October Words.

If I were to lie I could sit here and type out sunshine and rainbows about this glamorous city and sets, and jobs, and shiny new purses. Or I can lay it all out on the table, late nights and early mornings, parking tickets, bugs, and missing stupid things, like changing leaves, and temperatures below 70 degrees.
We all need a little pick me up, those words that remind you why you haven't slept in for 2 weeks, why you haven't made a new friend in months, and why you chose this life in the first place. So here are my words.

What are your words?


  1. Loving all this inspiration, and look at the weather this way - we're still enjoying beach and pool time. And we'll get those glorious 70's temps and crisp air while the north is experiencing old man winter ;-)

    Green Fashionista

  2. Great words girl! I needed some of this! :)

  3. I love all of these these are so inspirational thank you!!


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