Coffee&Glitter Fashion Police: AMAs

all photos from E online and the AMA red carpet show. 
So, call me judgmental if you must but I just can't help but comment on all of the celeb looks at award shows. There are some celebs that just can do no wrong and then there are the ones that you know spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and look like they crawled out of a sewer.. again, call me judgmental but I just can't help but share my thoughts on this years AMA attire. 

well, let's start with the good
Carrie Underwood//Ciara//Julianne Hough
Carrie: remember that thing about doing no wrong? well that was totally about her. She literally kills the outfit game at every appearance! 
Ciara: I wasn't really aware she was even still relevant but that outfit-in love! 
Julianne: Not only do I think this is a super daring outfit but dang she's slaying! Also, do you see the height of those platforms?

Kendall Jenner//Giuliana Rancic//Selena Gomez
 Kendall: she is really killin' the hollywood game lately. She is quickly becoming one of my "can do no wrong" girls
Giuliana:So, I am not crazy about the bottom half of the dress but I am in absolute love with the top half. 
Selena: I just think she is always so classy and timeless

Nina Dobrev//Danica McKellar//Ashley Benson
Nina:I love everything about this outfit! I am not sure who you are but girl, I would love to shop your closet
Danica:the color. the sparkles. the cut. so on point!
Ashley:I just love you. You slay and do no wrong. 

And now for those "WTF" outfits...
Demi Lovato//Paula Abdul//Gwen Stefani
Demi:...did you shop grandmas closet before the show or...?
Paula:..1. why are you here? the irrelevancy is so real 2. you look very sickly 3. did you look in the mirror?
Gwen: did you channel your inner gaga? raid the batcave?

Rebel Wilson//Jenny McCarthy//Jlo
Rebel:honey whyyyy, whyy?! you look like a baked potato! 
Jenny: Halloween is over hun, put the devil costume back in the closet. 
Jlo: girl, for the most part, your outfits were on point. However, I feel like you raided little Sophia Grace's closet for this number.. yikes. 

Kylie Jenner//Zendaya//Hailey Steinfield
Kylie: are you prepping for the 50 shades sequel?
Zendaya: lets put the flowers back in the meadow
Hailey:..kind of looking like you got caught in the rain and then modified a prison jumpsuit..

a few ending notes:
-the personalized hashtag emojis were a great touch
-jlo killed her opening dance
-nicki has an eternal RBF-I don't like her
-Selena killed it
-Luke..just yum
-Biebs wore a really bro?
-Celine slayed.. and that was one of the most moving and fitting performances I have ever seen
-Beibs.. I am not sure that performance was finale appropriate also, work on your lip-syncing
-and finally
like what?!

What did you think of the AMA outfits?


  1. Who's kissing who? lol Clearly I didn't watch this or read the news. Some interesting outfits this year. My favorite is Carrie's dress.

  2. Carrie looks stunning as per usual and I have to agree that both Ciara and Julianne rocked those dresses. Not everyone could pull those looks off.

  3. I was so annoyed with Justin Beiber wearing a hoodie. Seriously, could you please put a little effort into it. I get the dressed down look, but come on.

  4. I agree that there were a lot of great looks last night and some not so great looks. I think at award shows no matter how big or small they are, that you should care about what you look like. But sometimes I guess when you have a lot of money, you don't have to care as much. I used to love Nicki but lately she just seems like she is in B mode. She did not look excited to win the awards she won last night. When she first started she was so excited and happy not she is just...I don't even know anymore. J-LO.....I mean hello can I get her secrets on how she stays looking good?

  5. Your comments on the WTF outfits crack me up! But seriously sometimes they are so outrageous! Paula looks like she is wearing a neck brace!!

    And Carrie is the classiest woman her!

  6. I couldn't agree more that Carrie Underwood was the star of the show! She looked like a glam princess. But yes there was a lot of YIKES fashion. I felt like it was very The Hunger Games Capitol-esque.

  7. Wow, love your comments. I feel like this is a page out of a magazine!

  8. Definitely love Carrie Underwood's choice. I'm a bit disappointed by Gwen Stefani. I used to look up to her when I was younger, so this is a little disappointing.

  9. I missed the awards but I agree with your choices and I just love Nina from Vampire Diaries.


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