Thursday Huddle-[Tailgating Tips]

Hey Y'all! 

After my fair share of tailgating either at the game or hosting parties at home, I have definitely come up with some great tips on how to keep things fun, easy and stress free. Tailgating is no joke and starting the game day off stressed is not a good sign! 

Here are my tips and tricks that I have come up with throughout the years:

At The Game
1. Arrive at least four hours prior to kick-off! This will give you plenty of time to fire up the grill, eat, drink, play a few games, mingle with neighbors, and clean up before heading towards the field. -BRING A TENT/CANOPY

2. Keep a tool box or plastic tote in your car full of tailgating essentials including
-tylenol/advil  -bottled water  -tampons  -a football
-spare shirt/jersey  -koozies  -matches/lighter  -a hat/sunglasses
-jumper cables  -portable phone charger  -trash bags  -baby wipes 
-sharpies  -bottle openers  -paper towels  -plastic bags 
-hand sanitizer  -umbrella  -flashlight

3. Bring a cooler and pack it correctly 
4. Do the prep work the night before (ie. skewer kabobs, form burgers, cut veggies)

5. Introduce yourself to your neighbors! They could become your lifesavers or best friends. If you forget an essential, they could have it. If you all hit if off, you could make tailgating together a thing and share the duties! 

Tailgating From Home
1. Menu plan-yeah it may sound silly but, do it. If you are inviting 5+ people over to be drinking and watching the game, you need to have enough food to keep them happy. 

2. Food: Keep it simple. This is not the time to be trying out a fancy 22 marinade whole chicken. you want quickeasy, and delicious. Finger foods, dips, and apps. are your best friend. 

3. Games! Set up a beer pong/flip cup table, grab some corn hole boards, and make sure there is something for children to do: a movie in a second room, coloring pages, board games, etc. 

4. Make sure there is enough seating. 

5. Make it cute. The plus side to watching a game at home other than having a/c, is that it is your house. You can plan as far in advance as you want to make sure everything will be perfect. Add cute touches like football decorated cups or a football field table cloth. 

Regardless of where you are tailgating, remember to have fun! 

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What are some of your tips and tricks of tailgating!


  1. These are such great tips! That cooler packing image is really handy.

  2. Great tips. I always try and get my cooler ready the night before. It makes it so much easier.

  3. All great tips!! I agree that tailgating is a serious thing. Being prepared makes it so much better!

  4. I am definitely a "tailgating from home" type gal! All great survival tips though for a killer party!

  5. I've never tried the tailgating thing but if I ever do these tips definitely will come in handy :)

  6. I'm tailgating this weekend so these tips will definitely come in handy.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys


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