Be Merry: A Christmas Q&A

With only eleven days until Christmas, I figured a Christmas Q&A would be appropriate. I love a good Q&A sesh and was hoping a fun one would come along but I wasn't crazy about others I had seen so I decided to make my own! I hope you all decide to create your own posts with the questions below!

what is your most notable Christmas memory?
I literally had the mom of mom's when it came to the holidays when we were younger. Up until I learned the Santa secret, my momma would go all out. All of my Christmases were memorable because we would wake up to Santa prints at the foot of our beds leading out to the living room where we'd be greeted with a tree swimming in presents. The cookies would be gone along with the veggie platter for the reindeer. When we'd go outside to take pictures/play we would see reindeer prints. That momma of mine was pretty clever.  

name a favorite Christmas tradition?
ok so, I have two for this. 1. on Christmas Eve, I make a "night before christmas" box for J since he is an antsy little one when it comes to presents. the box includes Christmas PJs, a few snacks/treats, hot chocolate mix and a Christmas movie for us to watch together. This sort of holds him off from getting into the real presents. 2. Christmas day, we wake up and facetime all of J's family and do our present opening. Then, we watch the parade and get ready before heading to my families house. My mom and I spend the morning cooking, we open presents, then feast. 

winter Starbucks drink order?
a grande white peppermint mocha with soy milk and an extra shot-gotta refuel after all the shopping! or, a grande salted caramel hot chocolate (with a side of bailey's once it gets to me)

what is your favorite winter treat?
savory: stuffing hands down.
sweet: lindt truffles or pecan pie

favorite sounds of the season?
the sweet, sweet sounds of Michael Buble

snow or no snow?
Christmas isn't Christmas to me without snow. However, since we live in Florida, I have to live vicariously through John's family. If there is one thing I regret about moving back to FL, it would be the lack of season changes. 

what is your typical Christmas fashion?
We usually stay in our PJ's up until we are ready to leave for my mommas. I will then typically throw on leggings, boots, and a festive top. 

what is number one on your wish list this year?
a rose gold morganite ring *cough* in a size 8.. *cough* 

favorite Christmas movie?
by myself: This Christmas, Four Christmases, or Home Alone
with J: Love Actually, The Holiday, or Christmas with the Cranks
with the littles: ELF or How The Grinch Stole Christmas
with family: Polar Express or Santa Claus
see what I did there? I just can't pick one!

favorite Christmas scent?
Pine and Citrus

Don't forget to post your answers to the questions either in the comments or in your own post! 


  1. Definitely wearing pjs on christmas is our thing lol we usually dress up if were going out of the house but this year we won't have to :)

  2. Aw, this post just brought back so many happy memories from past Christmases. Your mom sounds a lot like my mom lol.


  3. What a fun little tag.
    I miss believing in Santa and getting all excited for Christmas like I did when I was a kid.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. This is so fun. I want to do one now.

  5. Oh how fun! I want to do this on my blog!

  6. I need to try the Peppermint Mocha, yum! I live in Tucson, so I don't get to see snow either. I miss a little snow during the holidays.

  7. I love your Christmas Eve box tradition, and your Starbucks order sounds HEAVENLY!!

  8. I love this Q&A and your Christmas Eve box tradition! I can't wait to start traditions with our new little family as our daughter gets older!


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