Because. Friday

Happy First Friday of December Loves! 

So I was an ultimate failure of a blogger this week and took literally zero pictures! So, I have decided that today's Because. Friday will be a list of my pet peeves in life. Why? Because I feel like this time of year, the sassyness and obnoxious in people comes out more than it should. We should be Merry and Bright this time of year! 

Pet Peeves of Life
john can attest to all of these because one of his pet peeves towards me is the amount I say "annoying" lately. 

in my everyday life:
1. when I go into Walmart past 11pm because I can't sleep and just need to get out and I see children who are obviously exhausted and cranky and their parents are yelling at annoying! 
2. when the cashier at a store has to comment on each item I have bought.. that's great that your second cousin twice removed buys these same tampons..leave me alone!
3. when it starts to rain and people slam on the breaks and drop it down to 20+ below the speed I get slowing down a bit but do you not realize that at this point you're more of a hazard than the wet roads?

in my life with John:
1. when he leaves piles of dirty clothes all over the are not in college anymore sweethart
2. when he leaves a ton of dishes in the sink..I wouldn't care at all if we had a dish washer again but this handwashing thing sucks
3. when he takes all the blankets and wraps himself up like a mummy and I am just over there shiverin'...didn't your momma ever teach you how to share?

in my personal life:
1. when I go to do a winged liner and have to redo it 2+ times because they're uneven-so annoying!
2. when it is 330 in the morning and I still haven't fallen asleep. 
3. when my coffee gets cold before I can finish it all...#firstworldprobz

in my pet life:
1. yoda snoring when I am trying to sleep..bro whyyyy do you snore so loud/hard
2. chloe's bark. if you have or know a shiba, you know how loud their bark is-ouch!

in my blogger life:
1. when a blogger wants to argue/say something unnecessary in the comments of a post.. hun, I have an email. 
2. when bloggers who run facebook groups get sassy behind their computer screen..sit down.  it's facebook. not everyone is going to follow your laundry list of silly rules every day! 
3. not being able to meet all my blogger besties in person! #wahh

What are some of your pet peeves?? 
Happy Friday! 


  1. I can totally agree with a good majority of these! I work at the above mentioned store & I don't like being there past 11 because of the people who frequent it overnight!

    & yes to the being awake at 3:30, can we NOT?

  2. Haha love this! I have a list going in my phone of pet peeves that I am going to write about one of these days. I try not be a negative person but dang it if people don't annoy the SHIZ out of me. For example, how terrible people are at driving. I am going to post a sign in my car window that says "Just F*ing DRIVE!" It's not that hard! Thanks for brightening up my Friday!

  3. Lol YES!!! Those days when your makeup doesn't work. WInged eyeliner can be such a pain in the ass

  4. I avoid winged eyeliner a lot. I don't have time for that fiddling in the morning! It's so hard to get the wings even sometimes. :)

  5. Oh girl I get so upset when I see little ones out late at night in stores or when I used to wait tables. So sad! Big *hugs* and Happy Friday and best time of year to you <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. Your header is too cute...and a lot of the same things bug me haha.
    People with their kids out late especially.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  7. I get the handwashing thing. To save money at our first apartment, we didn't use the dishwasher. And I was the one who always ended up doing the dishes. Where we are now, we use the dishwasher. But everything that can't go in the dishwasher still gets washed by little ol' me. Yes it's less, but still!


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