Holiday Movie Night Essentials

this post was written in collaboration with Casper. all thoughts are my own.

I feel like you know you have reached "adult life" when you would rather stay in and watch movies over going out on a Friday night. If you ask John, he would proudly tell you that he would prefer to order take out, make a comfy spot, and snuggle up watching movies than go to a bar on any night-I have come to enjoy this as well. 

We have learned that you can't simply put on a movie and start watching all willy-nilly. No! You have to have all the essentials! 

First and foremost, you have to have a comfy spot! We love to pile all of our pillows and blankets on our bed and make a little nest for ourselves to snuggle up in. The key part in this is a good quality soft mattress like this one from Casper. We love to just sink into a mattress so we feel like we are on a cloud. 

Around this time of year, festive PJs are a must. I always get J and I a matching pair of PJs each year from Old Navy. We also get the pups little onesies from Target. Like is it really even Christmas without thematic PJs?

When we do movie nights, we bring the whole fam into our nest. John, Yoda, Chloe and I all snuggle up together. 

In our house, our tree is set up outside of our bedroom so we can see it twinkle from our bed. We like to have all of our bedroom lights off and just the light of the tree on in the house so it is pretty much pitch black like a theater. The tree lights add that touch of a romantic feel..and also keep us from stubbing our toes when we get up to change the movies!

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year for a good movie binge night. From rom-coms like Love Actually to classics like Miracle on 34th Street, the most important part of a movie night is the movie. Our all time favorite Christmas movie is The Santa Clause-you just can't go wrong with Tim Allen! 

These are our holiday movie night essentials, what are yours?


  1. We are missing the puppy, but with a toddler and baby they have the cuddling down so I think we are set. This is super cute! We don't have a TV in our room but it makes me want to blow up the air mattress downstairs and do it.

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  2. There's nothing better than wearing some comfy pjs while watching a Christmas movie next to the lit tree!

  3. I love The Santa Clause!!!!! I've already watched it once this year but you're making me want to watch it again! <3

  4. Like the first photo :)
    Maria V.

  5. pjs are a must for me. I want to be comfortable on movie night and maybe a cup of hot cocoa. ;)

  6. Christmas movies are my favorite and I am wearing my comfy PJ pants right now while watching one :)

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys


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