Weekend Rewind

Well hey there! if you are a regular around here, you will notice things look a little bit different. I spent a majority of my down time last week working on rebranding myself and my bloggity blog. basically, with our wedding coming up and the possibility of trying for little ones in the next 2-3 years, I wanted to make this space something that can grow with me, John and I and our family. I am in love with the way everything turned out! 

Anyways, this weekend was full of family time, Christmas festivities and baby goats! 

F R I D A Y 
there was definitely Bailey's mixed in with this coffee!
I woke up at o'dark thirty because I couldn't sleep for my life. I was up and down all night so my first order of business was taking the dogs for a quick ride up the street for coffee. When I got back home, J was on his way home from work so I tidied up, fed the pups and did some blog work. When J got home, we watched a little Criminal Minds before he passed out from exhaustion. I went to the gym for a quick workout then came home, snuggled with the pups and watched Lifetime Christmas movies. 

S A T U R D A Y 
My dad and I met for breakfast as we do just about every Saturday however, J joined us this Saturday after he got off work! After breakfast J and I ran a few quick errands before he had to go back to work for their open house. 
While he was there, I did a little Christmas shopping and scored 15 three wick candles at Bath and Body Works for just $65 (praise hand emojis for coupons and sales!) I stopped by John's work to support them at the open house. Later in the evening, John and I met up with my dad again for his office's Christmas Party! 

was all about the farm. well, first J and I went to breakfast at Wawa then he dropped me off at my parents and my momma, dad and I went out to a family friends farm. J stayed behind because he had homework and wasn't feeling too hot. Anyways, the people that own the farm have 15+ goats and 6 of them were pregnant. They had 6 baby goats running around we went to see them! holy cuteness! 

After we left there, my mom and I went out and did a little more Christmas shopping. When I got home, J was stressed over the Pats game so I let him be while I wrapped presents. We finished the night with dinner at Applebees then I came home to wrap a few more things while he went to sleep for work! 
the result of having family that lives in another state

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How was your weekend? Are you liking the new blog look? 


  1. Such a busy weekend. The candles look adorable. For sure they smell good too.

  2. I took part in the BBW sale as well! We definitely picked up some of the same scents! I can't wait to start burning them through the holidays! Commenting via The Blogging Elite from blissfullybrunette.com

  3. Omg you got so many candles!! I went too but only walked away with three haha!

  4. Your blog is beautiful and it sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I hope you have a fabulous week, too! Those baby goats are too cute!!!

  5. Great weekend. Yes I have so many packages to send too. Was trying to figure out if Fedex or the post office was cheaper...for me Fedex was. I saw that you had rebanded yourself. Nice! But just to let you know, your bloglovin still says coffee and Glitter :)

  6. What a deal! That's only $4.33 per candle...you definitely scored!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! I missed the BBW candle sale! I was so bummed when I went there on sunday! Oh well! Baby goats are adorable!

  8. This looks like a pretty fantastic weekend! Need that hot chocolate in my life.

  9. that coffee looks amazing by the tree! So festive!


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