From Runge to Ricker: Bridal Apparel {Pt. 12}

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So, if you are from the south, it is no secret that monograms are kind of a big deal. Since my last initial won't be changing when John and I get married, I wasn't in a huge rush to get any "new" monogrammed things however, I am all about the "Bride" apparel!

Very shortly after we got engaged, I got on my holy grail,  Etsy and searched different shops for their "bride" apparel. I found several shops that had great prices, quality and selection! (I also may or may not have ordered "Mrs. and Wifey" apparel for after March 12!)

Keep Life Simple Design
this is such a soft and cozy top! I have worn this top everywhere from cake decorator meeting to venue visits! I love the simple metallic gold bride on the front! It also comes in 10 different colors.
15% off with promocode: WIFE4LIFE

Southern TLC
Spirit Jersey $34
ok so, who was I kidding when I said I wasn't in a rush to get monogrammed items-every special occasion calls for a monogram! Monograms+Spirit Jersey= the way to my heart. I have mentioned this spirit jersey several times and I still stand by it being one of my favorite pieces! Comfy and adorable!

No Bull Women
Bride Top $24

This shirt definitely runs small so be sure to size up! It is so cute though and comes alone or in a set for you and your bridesmaids (which is what I did) for $84. They are so cute and make for the perfect insta photoshoot when you are all together!

Make sure to check out the shops above and use the coupon codes!
Did you go crazy with the Bride/Mrs/Wifey apparel when you got engaged?


  1. LOVE these tops! I wish I had bought more bride tops when I was engaged! I did get one wifey tank to wear on the honeymoon and loved it! I wanted to make Timmy wear Mr. & Mrs. shirts on the way to the honeymoon but I could tell he wasn't as excited about it as I was so I decided to not put him through that, but then when we were on the plane I saw a few couples wearing them and I just made a note to timmy that those people could have been us!

  2. GIRL AW!!! I just got engaged too and it was funny cause I got a T-Shirt in a box that said "Pilot's Wife" before he proposed and I was like WTF IS THIS! Now I wanna wear it all over the place, never ever take it off - but I guess the more sanitary option is to just show off my rock to the world ;)

  3. Some of the links to the older blog posts don't work :( I was all excited to go through them all but only like 4 of them went anywhere...

  4. I totally didn't do this. Feel like I missed out. Love the first one!

  5. These are so cute! For my bachelorette weekend my maid of honor got us all long sleeve tops and they were SO cute! Mine had my new initials on the top it said "Mrs. Hall" est. 2015 on the back, and then my bridemaid's shirts had their initials and then "Bridesquad" on the back. I loved them!!

  6. These are super cute!!!! What a great idea! Congrats too by the way! How exciting!

  7. Really cute picks!! They have so many great items to wear for bridal apparel. I'm sure I will be purchasing a lot of apparel as well when I get engaged.

  8. Very cute! Love the last shirt but all look very comfortable!

  9. I love the sparkly bride tee!! I wish I would have bought one of these before I got married. They really are adorable!

  10. Monograms are so necessary for any and every occasion! Love these & it makes me wish I was getting married again so I could have some!

  11. How fun!
    I need to pick myself up some bride apparel.

    xoxo, Jenny

  12. These shirts are awesome! Can I get them even if I'm already married? ;) Thanks for linking up!

  13. Such fun photos and cute tops! I love the last top with the crown - perfect!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    Come join me for the Fabulous Friday Link-Up!

  14. I love allll the tops, but especially the last one. You are seriously the cutest!

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