From Runge to Ricker: Last Sail Before the Veil {Pt. 14}

Happy Wedding Wednesday Loves! So, last week, I recapped my beyond perfect Bridal Shower hosted by my amazing Maid of Honor and Mother in Law! This week I am sharing the three amazing days that led up to the shower! Beware, this is a heavy on the pictures kinda post!

all of the girls had various flight times so I headed up to Tampa at 12ish to meet the first arrival, Emily, my maid of honor/twin. When she got in, food was the first priority on our agenda so we went to one of the best spots in Tampa-Datz because, Datz Whats Up! We split apps and kicked the weekend off with a few good drinks.

after, we headed to the mall to do a last minute shopping trip before picking up the second arrival, Melissa. Once she got in, we had a few errands to do including grocery shopping and a trip to the liquor store. When we were done, we hung out at the TGI Friday's in the airport with a bartender who did awesome tricks.

Once the last girly, Jackie, got in we headed for Orlando. We got checked in and settled before the start of the night. We played a few drinking games in the room then set out to explore the resort. Emily hooked us up and booked a gorgeous room on Disney property at Port Orleans. We wandered around until we met other wanderers who were out and about exploring. We found hammocks and chit chatted until 3am-ish.

we woke up around 10am. we may or may not have woken up in strugglecity but, after a few hot showers, hair of the dog shots, and team motivation, we got up and going. We headed to my favorite disney park-Magic Kingdom. Shockingly there were barely any lines so we hit up a ton of rides, watched a parade and I got my favorite-a dole whip.

After spending just about all day in the park, we headed back to our hotel to get ready to dinner/orlando bars. We went to the Yard House on I-Drive which is definitely my favorite restaurant. Our server was such a sweet heart. After our dinner, we headed to the night scene in orlando. We hailed and uber and got dropped off on Church Street.

well, we thought Friday morning was rough, we were 100% in strugglesville this morning. we had to be up, packed and on the road by noon. so, we started by waking up, putting our swim suits on and heading to the pool. Once we were feeling a little more like ourselves, we got to packing and cleaning. Before we got on the highway to head home, we stopped for lunch at the cutest little beachy wing place.

I really feel so spoiled and lucky to have such a great group of girls by my side. I had so many happy tears throughout the weekend. They all flew in from their respective cities to celebrate with me and it was beyond words perfect!

How did you celebrate your last fling before the ring?


  1. I was following along your posts on snapchat and loved them all! What a special, great awesome!

  2. It looks like you all had a blast! I love the various matching outfits

  3. I flew in for my own wedding, so we did my bachelorette Thursday-Friday, and it was great! I LOVE that Disney was part of yours - so much fun!

  4. It looks like such a fun weekend! The time spent with your girls before the wedding will be some of the best times ever! Enjoy every second of it girl!! I love all y'all's shirts for the weekend!

  5. You looked like you had an amazing weekend with your girls! I love the yard house here in Houston. It's always a lot of fun to go there! Can't wait to see more posts about your upcoming wedding events.

  6. YAS DISNEY GIRLS WEEKEND!!! my dream come true!! what a perfect weekend

  7. That looks like SO MUCH FUN. Oh my gosh. And I am obsessed with those Cheers, Bitches shirts!

  8. What a fun bachelorette weekend!
    I am not 100% sure on what we're doing for my bach bash but I think we may be going to Nashville :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  9. Those matching shirts... all of them... are just so cute!!

  10. It looks like y'all had a blast. A bachelorette party in Disney!! And I love all the bridesmaid/bride shirts.

  11. It looks like you had an amazing bachelorette weekend! You had me reminiscing about my own Last Fling Before the Ring down in Miami a couple years back.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  12. That looks like an amazing time! I love all of your coordinating tanks! Too cute!

  13. Fun times! I know you've been told a million times, but congratulations again!

  14. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Congrats!!


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