Hello Friday.

Happy Friday loves! 
This week was full of shopping. John's grandmothers and I met up at 11am and were out and about until 530pm on the hunt for dresses for them to wear to the wedding! We went from store to store waiting to find the perfect dresses. The two of them finally lucked out! While we were dress shopping, we also wandered into a few antique/vintage stores I hadn't really every been antiquing or consignment shopping but it was pretty fun! 

Later in the week, my momma and I also had a little date day. It was about time for the Mother of the Bride to find the perfect dress! We left her house at 1030 and headed for Tampa. We found a few contenders in the International Mall before taking a lunch break at PF Changs. We headed back to Sarasota and stopped at a few stores locally. Ironically, at a store just 15 minutes from her house, she found her perfect dress! Now, almost all of the key players on our big day have something to wear! 

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We celebrated John's Grandfather's 76th birthday Wednesday night at Carrabbas. Two sets of grandparents, John and I made for a great time! We finished off the night with a group date to FroYo. 

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Today is my first hair trial! I am so nervous but really excited. If you don't follow me on snapchat yet, I suggest you get on that if you want to see sneak peeks and a little behind the scenes of the blog! 
snapchat name: ssarahhhh14

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  1. Good luck with your hair trial! Followed you on Snapchat. I like seeing how other bloggers use it. :)

  2. I'm on snapchat now! I am adding you :) My username is alexisroch love the sponsor highlight! Thanks girl!

  3. oh so fun! I'm glad you had a great week! There is nothing better than a little mama time and wedding shopping!

  4. I love PFChangs too. Sounds like a perfect place for a break.
    Glad you guys found the dresses.

  5. Good luck with your hair trial! Happy Friday!!

  6. So fun :)
    I cant wait to see how you do your hair for the big day.

    xoxo, Jenny

  7. Good luck with your hair trial, i hope everything ends up just the way you wanted it

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