Hello Friday

Happy Friday loves! Today marks 65 days until I am a Ricker, 10 days until my Bridal Shower and 6 days until the girls weekend with my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids! I am so so so excited and have been in 100% bride mode getting deposits in, crafts done and soaking up the engaged life! Let's get into my Hello Friday!

o n e. 
like i mentioned before, this week I was in 100% bride mode. I have been busy with wedding crafts (diy signs, card box, bridal party gifts)

I have looked and looked and looked all over at various card boxes and they were all so insanely expensive ($100+). I pulled this little DIY together for under $15! I plan to have a full tutorial up soon! 

t w o.
One of the best parts of this week (next to my dress finally getting here) was my bridal shower shoot that I had on Wednesday morning! I decided to do a Bridal Shower Shoot and a Bridal Shoot as a little snippet of "me" time during all the craziness. I had so much fun and am in love with how the pictures came out. 
sneak peek

t h r e e.
incase you didn't read the parentheses writing, MY DRESS IS HERE! I went dress shopping with my momma and mother in law to be way back in July. We ordered my dress on July 13th to be exact and just three days ago, on Tuesday the 5th, it arrived all the way from Australia. I got to stop by the bridal shop on Wednesday to try it on and decide on my shoes and y'all it was a happy tears mess! I stepped into it, got it all adjusted, turned around to the mirror and just started crying (happy tears) it is all so real and I can not wait to walk down the aisle to my hubby! 

f o u r. 
I have theee sweetest hubby to be! we had an impromptu date night on Wednesday night. We went to one of my favorites, Hibachi. it was so delish! 

f i v e. 

Meet Mary from Eat, Drink and Be Mary. I have worked with Mary a few times in the past with giveaways, sponsoring her blog, etc. I have loved following her journey from a Girlfriend in a LDR to a Bride and now a Wife! If you don't already show this blogger bestie of mine love, I highly recommend you going and checking her out!

i c y m i. 

d o n t f o r g e t.
This Sale Will End On Sunday at Midnight! 

Happy Friday Loves! 


  1. Love your card box! We made ours out a basket that we spray painted gold and then hung a "Cards" sign on! Not worth paying huge money for one of those haha!

  2. That card box is adorable! And I'm squeeling about your wedding, because it takes me back to all those lovely feelings I had 10 years ago on my wedding day! Best of luck!!!!

  3. You look beautiful and congrats !!! I love married life.

  4. omg how awesome! great post girl! Glad I was able to come across your blog in the linkup! Hope youll stop by mine as well. Can't wait to continue your blogging journey with you!

  5. So much excitement in the coming weeks! And YAY for your dress being here! Love how your card box came out, I DIY'd mine as well and saved a ton of money. So worth it! Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. Your DIY card box is so cute! I had originally opted out of getting a card box because of the price but thankfully when I told my event planner I wasn't going to have one she had a spare and brought it to the venue! I have no idea what it looked - I never looked at it at the wedding - so I am eager to see what it looked like when I get my pictures back!

  7. Congratulations! Enjoy your wedding season! I absolutely love your card box, adorable! :)

  8. Your card box looks great! I've never heard of a bridal shower shoot before but I hope you had fun and enjoyed it! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Happy (late) Friday to you love. I agree that DIY is usually a GREAT way to go when it comes to Wedding decor. There are SO many great ideas out there, and a lot are overpriced in my opinion. You did a fantastic job on that card box. I'm insanely jealous of your bridal shower photoshoot and can't wait to see more pictures from it. Congrats on getting your Wedding dress; you're getting so close. And you're so sweet for including me this Friday. :)

  10. The card boxes look great! You guys make such a cute couple <3

    Rosalyn xOx | LynSire.com

  11. You have so many big things in store this year! Enjoy every moment of the planning, showers, time with your fiance, and of course ....the dress!!

  12. So exciting that your dress is here!!!!


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