Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche [Recipe]

Today, we are talking about one of my all time favorite dishes, quiche. I have always had a love affair with quiche and make it pretty regularly. There is just something home-y and comforting about a quiche. It dawned on me one day that the amount of butter and cream that goes into the crust is a problem. I turned to the great pinterest and looked at real crust alternatives. There was everything from zucchini and cauliflower to black beans and flax. I settled on sweet potatoes. before using the sweet potatoes as a crust for a very liquid-y recipe, I tried it out a few times by lining a pie dish and baking just the potatoes. I seemed perfect which led me to this recipe! 

What You Will Need

1 large sweet potatoe
coconut oil spray
1 bunch of spinach
1 leek sliced
1/2 onion diced
1 clove of garlic
4 eggs
1 cup shredded mozzarella
spring herbs (dill, parley, chives) to taste
1/4 cup goat cheese
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (topping)
salt and pepper to taste

What You Will Do
1. Peel sweet potatoes and slice thinly.

2. Lay potato slices out in pie dish in a crust-like fashion, spray with oil, and bake on 400 degrees fahrenheit for 15 minutes. (After crust has baked, reduce oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit.)

3. Spray a saute pan with oil and saute sliced onion, leek, and crushed garlic clove until lightly browned, about 7 minutes. Stir in spinach and saute until wilted and tender, about 4 minutes.

4. Blend eggs and herbs in a medium bowl. Add mozzerella and goat cheese

5. Add spinach/garlic/leek/onion mix to the egg/herb/cheese mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place the combined mixtures in the potato crust. Sprinkle with asiago cheese on top

6. In a 375 degree oven, bake until the quiche is firm and the cheese has browned, about 40 minutes.

Tastes best room temperature

What id your favorite type of quiche?


  1. I love quiche too! And my boyfriend loves sweet potatoes! I will have to give this recipe a try :) It may be a new winner!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love sweet potatoes! What a unique and delicious looking quiche. - Trish

  3. I've got to say I just recently started eating sweet potatoes and they're so delicious, they taste like candy! I can't wait to try out this recipe. x Natalie www.thegirlwithbangs.com

  4. Looks delicious! Never thought to make the crust with sweet potatoes!

  5. oh my gosh this looks great! Thanks for sharing :) can't wait to try.

  6. oh wow this looks delicious!!!

  7. This looks delicious. I was drooling over your snaps of this on snapchat.

  8. I like how the crust is made with these healthy potatoes. I love, love a good quiche. Sharing this today on Tuesday Talk gave me a great idea for a brunch menu. Thanks for stopping by and giving us a glimpse into this delicious and easy dish.

  9. Looks delicious! I LOVE quiche... my husband not so much. Maybe I can fool him with the sweet potato crust ;-)

  10. That looks so good! My husband loves quiche but is gluten-free, not a big fan of sweet potatoes, but I am and if I have to cook gluten-free he can eat sweet potatoes lol!

  11. This sounds so so so delicious! I am such a sucker for sweet potatoes and I'd love to try them with a quiche. Thanks for sharing at DDT.


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