Week 3: Strengths&Weaknesses

Welcome  back to week three of the 52 week  blogger challenge! 

I firmly believe that one of the most valuable life lessons one can learn is what their strengths and weaknesses are. Pin pointing your weaknesses may not be the easiest of tasks but I do feel like it is valuable for your success in life. Figuring out what you excel in and where you may need some extra work is beneficial in a work place, professional endeavors and in your personal life. 

In my life, I think that I need work on:

communication: John could tell  you best but, my communication skills are not the best they could be. I am totally one of those girls that says "nothing's wrong" even if there is. 

motivation to live a healthier lifestyle: the struggle is real y'all. I have so many high hopes/aspirations of waking up at the crack of dawn to run/work out but the motivation to actually get up seems to disappear at the first sound of an alarm-ugh! 

focusing on 'the now': if you catch me in a daze, I am probably thinking about the future. If you look in my planner, you will see things filled in for this time next year.. although this may not be the worst thing, I feel like it shows I am too focused on what's next to enjoy right now. 
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And with weaknesses, come strength:

organization: John could again tell you, I may or..may be one of the most organized people in the world. I have a place for everything and get a bit ocd with that. 

me time: so this may sound funny but, I think that we have to be able to take care of ourselves before we can successfully help others/tackles different aspects in life. Now, I am not saying I book myself extensive spa trips but I do make time every few weeks to get my nails done, hair appointments, starbs date by myself etc. 

being kind: there is a really great saying that I heard a few weeks ago that goes "don't mistake my kindness for weakness" I have been called a 'pushover' many times in my life and I do not think I am. I think I prefer to try and seek the good in people rather than assume they have poor intentions

Where do you think you excel and need help in life?


  1. It's a good thing to think about. I'm actually really good at waking up energetically in the morning...but my driving skills could use some work...I drove every day in the USA but I've gotten nervous about driving in Malaysia and don't do it often enough.

  2. I think it's great to reflect on strengths and weaknesses, great post lovely! Have a wonderful week
    Jess www.beautifulbreakable.com

  3. I have been getting up and working out most mornings at 5am for awhile now but the struggle is still there! Like this morning I didn't get up and I probably wont at all this week..i mean hello i start vacation in 5 days!

  4. I really need to remember this link up. I forget until I see your posts on Monday! I'm with you girl on the wanting to have and live a healthier lifestyle. I just can't get myself up any earlier than I already do though. It's a work in progress though and w'll get there. And I love that your strength is that you take Me time. All of us need to be better about that. Have a Happy Monday girlie! It's never too late to get up and get moving on those weaknesses.

  5. Making sure you have enough "me time" is a great strength. I'm very good at this myself because I know if I don't get enough time to myself I go a little crazy haha. Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  6. I feel your pain about about getting organized. When it comes to cleaning I refuse to let Brian help me because I like it done a certain a way which he's okay with because it makes me feel better instead of stressing out about it. lol

  7. I'm loving this link up. I was out of town all weekend, but I can't wait to join up for next week. And I'm SUPER interested to see what everyone else spends there money on, haha.

  8. I struggle with the motivation to be healthy too.
    I keep thinking "hey your wedding is coming up better workout" but that still doesn't help me.

    xoxo, Jenny

  9. I am loving this series, it has managed to make me think about my blogging

  10. So totally yes to the me time aspect. Truly don't take enough of it and find myself pushed well past my breaking point. A lot of meditating will be going on this new year.

    I think that it's great that you are able to focus and take that time. Not many of us do and end up flopping down with a rut or depression.

    Love learning more about a person especially from bloggers whose blog I totally enjoy. Thanks again for starting this challenge!


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