Weekend Rewind+Blogger Challenge Week 4

Happy Last Monday in January! Is it as crazy to anyone else as it is to me that this first month of 2016 is basically already gone? This also means that in just 47 days, I will be walking down the aisle.. like what?! Anyways, this is my first weekend rewind of 2016.

I have been trying to figure out how to merge the blogger challenge with my Weekend Rewind as I like doing them and I had a specific request to bring them back. I feel like some of the Blogger Challenge prompts can get kind of lengthy so I didn't really want to merge them. 

My Solution:
1. if the Blogger Challenge prompt doesn't call for a wicked long response, I will merge the two into one post with the Blogger Challenge prompt and link up at the end. 
2. if the Blogger Challenge ends up being lengthy, there will be two posts on Mondays! 

We will see how this works for the next few weeks and make changes where needed! 
Anyways, lets get into this Weekend Rewind! 

there's really nothing like a 430am wake up call after staying up until 230 to get your weekend started off right.. (insert eyeroll emoji here) John's Aunt, Uncle, little Cousins and Grandparents were in Disney this week so I decided to go up and spend a day with them. Due to the hour and a half commute on high traffic highways, I decided it would be best to leave before morning rush hour. I left my house at 530 and pulled into the Contemporary parking lot at 7am. As soon as I walked into the lobby, I was greeted with big hugs from two very excited five year olds! We headed to breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his Friends. After, we headed to Royal Princess Hall to meet Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, and Aurora. We did several rides then headed back to the hotel suite before the nasty weather hit. 

I stayed up there a little longer than planned as the weather took a turn for the worse and started torrentially down pouring with insane winds. Once it calmed, I made the trek back home. John was asleep when I got back so I worked on some blog work, finished my Bridal Shower Thank You's complete with a wax seal and caught up on RHWOBH and Vanderpump Rules. The rest of the night called for fiance and puppy snuggles. 

I, again, was up a little too early for my liking on a weekend but, it was worth it! John and I met his grandad for breakfast at one of our favorite spots. We got to catch up over a long conversation and then made plans for Sunday. Once we parted ways, I headed to my parents house. 
When I got home, I made a batch of homemade salsa and guacamole. J wasn't feeling too hot so we then spent the rest of the day doing one of our favorite things 'netflix&chill'. I also enjoyed my fair share of Bloody Mary's because, Saturday. 

S U N D A Y 
Things were moving bright and early Sunday..apparently this was the weekend of anti-sleeping in. When J left to run into work for a bit at 7, I got up, got fully ready, cleaned, then started prepping game day treats in the kitchen. 

The boys have a weekly tradition of setting up the chairs in John's grandmothers house and watching football from 1pm-9/10pm when they finally doze off. Usually, it gives his grandmother and I a chance to watch our Criminal Minds-esque shows and chit chat over tea so, we don't mind. However, since this weekend was a major game, I partook in watching and also provided the food for them (and sangria for me)! 
Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs, Homemade Salsa and Guacamole, Potato Salad, and Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches

Obviously the game did not end in our favor so, it was quite the quiet night afterwards. 

I hope you all had fabulous weekends. May your Monday's be short and your coffee's be strong! 
Now onto the challenge:

Week 4 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge!

This week is all about money! I really do pride myself on being conscientious about where I spend money and how much I spend however, we all have our moments of weakness we just can't turn down a deal or pass up that dress. So, I am going to spill my top 5 places my money goes!

1. hubby to be
from sweet treats to Patriots gear, if I am out and about and see something I think he'd like, I grab it! His momma always says he is spoiled but I would say he is just well taken care of!

2. furbabies 
I am such a sucker for pet things. Our babes get a barkbox each month but that isn't enough. I always look for little toys or treats here and there while I am out!

3. fresh kitchen + coffee
so unless you are from the Tampa/Sarasota area, you will not know what Fresh Kitchen is but I promise you on literally e v e r y t h i n g, it is life changing! They are a "make your own bowl" place so you pick a base (greens, rice, quinoa, mashed sweet potatoes, etc.) then a veggie which I always get the Brussels Sprouts then a protein. SO GOOD! and well, coffee is self explanatory. I just can not function without at least three cups a day! If you follow me on snapchat (ssarahhhh14 *shameless self promotion*) you will see tons of snaps featuring both of these!

4. makeup
#ultamademedoit babes, I just can't even. Ulta is just as bad as Target for me. I walk in for one bottle of shampoo and walk out with two bags FULL of product... I don't know how it happens!

5. wedding shenanigans
since July I have been in 100% bride mode. I have been back and forth to Hobby Lobby several times a day and have spent hours on Etsy! Quite honestly, if Hobby Lobby had a credit card, I would be in big trouble!

Well, that is mostly what I spend my money on! What about you??
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  1. LOL, I totally understand that face when you buy too much makeup! Had a few of those last year when I went a little cray cray in Sephora. I love this weeks challenge. It definitely had me take a closer look on where my money is going. Time to make a few adjustments! O_O

  2. I saw how you were closing your envelopes on snap. I love that idea!!!

  3. You really can't beat homemade guac! So good!

  4. Yummmm love homemade guac! You can't beat a weekend full of Disney and football! And eeeek you're wedding countdown - you're so close! Cheers to a fabulous week <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I hate waking up early on the weekends but it is so fun to go out to breakfast sometimes!!

  6. I love how you closed your envelopes! I watched your snaps over! I spend money on Brad, Boone, and makeup/clothes. It's a disgusting habit lol (the makeup/clothes, not Brad and Boone)

  7. I spend my money on predominately clothes and shoes...It's a bad habit.
    We are starting to save up for a house so I am going to stop spending as much money until we've got our house and furniture haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. Loads of time spent over the weekend. Lately I've just been taking it easy... but I wish I was able to just get up and go-go-go. Plus - homemade guac and salsa?! OMG! Totally coming over. Lol.

  9. ohhhh Ulta is the bane of my existence haha. I can never buy just one thing there.

  10. So fun that you got to meet up with your family in Disney :) It is crazy that this month is already over! I feel like we JUST celebrated New Year's! I wish I was as big of a makeup shopper as you are...I basically wear the same makeup every day until it's gone and then I buy similar products again ha! Just joined the link up today...thanks for hosting!


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