Cheers to You, Friday

and we meet again, Friday! this week was full of really exciting things from my dad, John and I taking our first dance lessons for the wedding to a woodland-fairy themed photoshoot! let's get into the recap, shall we?

o n e. 
pamper. pamper. pamper. I finally got my ratchet nails fixed and I have discovered the most amazing hair care product in the world-Olaplex! I know I am probably wicked late on this bandwagon but holy lord do I love this stuff! My bank account isn't too fond of it my hair is becoming my favorite part of me! 

t w o. 
how incredibly gorge is this setting from my shoot Tuesday? We were going for a garden/woodland princess type feel and I think Melissa from Nite Owl Photography totally nailed it! This was only one of three settings. After over 500 shots and four hours of shooting I was beat. 

t h r e e. 
thank the lord for social media! John and I almost missed out on National Pizza Day! We opted for the new garlic knot pizza from Pizza Hut and it was pretty dang good! After my overindulgence, I turned to our brand new Ab Circle and got to working out! 

f o u r. 
guess what you guys?!?
on Wednesday morning, John and I went down to the Court House and got our..MARRIAGE LICENSE! We are 29 days out..29 what?! 

i c y m i. 

I hope you all have amazing valentines day weekends! 


  1. those nails are INCREDIBLE sarah! love your style girl!

  2. Garlic knot pizza?! I didn't even know this was a thing! Dang it, all we have is Domino's around here...

  3. So exciting!! With Travis living in Canada and I the States we had to wait until he got in and had it expedited. Which thankfully they waved the fees. Let the count down begin. Can't wait to see more on your wedding.

    Totally want to try garlic knot pizza! Were the insides filled with cheese or no?

  4. Cute wifey shirt! I love those nails as well- hoping to get mine done today!

  5. The nails look great! And I am pretending I didn't see that pizza, trying to be healthy ;)

  6. Your nails are beyond gorgeous! And your woodland fairy photo shoot looks dreamy! I've become obsessed with my hair since my wedding, too. It's not cheap but it sure it worth it! And congrats on the wedding countdown! It's going to fly by from here until the big day!

  7. What!? I missed national pizza day...oh gosh! That made my mouth water!
    Wohooo, congrats on getting married!
    xo, Lily

  8. HAPPY FRIYAY! ;) I had pizza yesterday, but really fancy Chinese for tonight - decisions eh! haha
    Have a wonderful weekend x
    Jess | ♥

  9. I am obsessed with your nails! & I totally missed out on Pizza day. Shame on my pizzaness ):

  10. Eek! I can't wait to see pics from that shoot! Obsessed with that setting! This time next month! Yay!!

  11. Saw that setting for your photo shoot on snapchat, looks amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. Okay, my best friend who is a stylist told me about olaplex, so she's going to order some from me! I can't wait to try it out on my hair!!

  13. Your wedding day will be here SO soon! I can't wait to see your photos from the photo shoot. The set was so cool.

    Best Wishes,
    Allison |

  14. I want to try Pizza Hut's garlic knot pizza now!
    Also yay for the marriage license -- one step closer to the big day :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  15. So I pretty much love every single thing you put on here. You're nails are so cute, and isn't it so refreshing to get your nails done? That pizza looks absolutely delicious and I'm totally jealous of your wifey shirt. I hope your weekend has gone well.


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