From Runge to Ricker: DIY Card Box {Pt. 16}

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Welcome back loves!

Wedding decor is no joke. It is overwhelming to look at, so hard to pick just a few things and most of all, expensive AF. If you are a bride or were, you will know this. I have turned to DIY mode for all of our wedding signs, table numbers, and card box! I don't get why card boxes are so dang expensive..they are just that, a box. However, I found some from $75-275 and I just could not even. I whipped this baby up in 30 minutes for $18. Um, can we say score?!

What You Will Need:

-a set of nesting boxes. (I bought these ones from amazon)
-wrapping paper of your choice
-scotch tape
-sharp knife or box cutter
-hot glue gun
-a card/letter

What You Will Do:
1. unnest the boxes and remove the tops
2. starting with the smallest box, flip it upside down. with the knife, start cutting the bottom out about two inches away from each side. set aside.
3. grab the middle box. using the cut out part as a template, center it and then trace it on to the bottom side of the box. cut that part out with the knife.
4. stack the middle box on top of the last boxes top and trace the cut out. with the knife, follow the lines and cut out the template. repeat with the smallest box and the middle boxes lid.
5. using an envelope or card as a guide, cut a slit in the top (smallest) box. This will be where the cards drop from so, make sure it is a decent size.
6. replace all of the lids and stack the boxes on top of one another with the smallest being at the top. make sure all of the cuts align.
7. wrap all of the lids and boxes separately. If you are using patterned paper, insure the patterns match up when wrapping.
8. stack the boxes on top of one another again with the smallest being at the top.
9. once you are happy with the placement and look, glue the small box to the middle lid, and the middle box to the top lid. you do not want to glue the lids on. if a card gets stuck somewhere, you want to be able to open it up. 
10. at this point, you are basically done. I chose to add on some fake flowers and bling out the top where the letters will drop from. I will also be writing "cards" on the side once I find a font I like enough to trace!

Were you (or will you be) a DIY Bride?


  1. I love the way it turned out!!! Definitely beats spending over $75!!!

  2. Such a great tutorial on how to make a DIY card box. It looks so pretty I am going to definitely give it a try.

    Debs x

  3. Your box turned out great!! I totally forget I even needed one until three hours before the wedding...

  4. How Lovely!!! I picked up two birdcages for my wedding at Michaels for like $6 bucks each and they have now been in 2 other weddings! It's the traveling cages!! =P

  5. Weddings are do dang expensive!! LOL love that box, it turned out super cute :)

  6. DIYs are such a great way to save on the wedding. And can I just say, you nailed it. This card box is so elegant, and it's awesome that you were able to create it yourself. I seriously can't wait to see all your wedding planning and DIYs come together.


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