NYX Face Duo Review

NYX is one of my go to beauty brands-and a major weakness for my wallet. Anytime I run into Ulta I have to see what new products NYX has out and then since I am such an impulse shopper, I buy them. One of my favorite bloggers and blogger besties, Melissa from Primp and Prime Beauty did a whole review on her thoughts/feelings on the NYX Sculpt and Highlight Face Duo and with most of the products she recommends, I knew I had to have it! 

You can see Melissa's review here

My Likes:
-the price point! 
as with all NYX products, the prices just can't be beat. at only $12 this is a serious steal. 
-the formula of the highlighter. 
it is so smooth and creamy. it doesn't have a shimmer in it but has a great glow-y payoff. 
-the amount needed. 
a little bit certainly goes a long way. below I have a picture after I applied the product but before it was blended out. I had to remove a bit of the highlighter as I put way too much on initially. 
-the applicator
I am obsessed with doe foot applicators. 

My Dislikes: 
-the formula of the contour. 
this could have totally been user error but, I felt like the contour formula did not blend out well. I had to really blend, blend, blend then I sprayed a little fix+ on my brush to help blend even more. however, once blended, it was great!

other than the small dislike-which may not even be a real dislike, I am in love with the duo and it will definitely be a daily reach for! 

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  1. I love NYX products as well! They are so affordable and their products have yet to disappoint me. I have not tried this product out yet though! I will have to see if my Ulta has it.

  2. I love NYX products as well, they were my first eyeshadow palette :) Haven't tried this yet, but looks great on you!

  3. You are just the sweetest! Love you & thank you for always supporting me and my recommendations <3

  4. I love NYX products as well and it looks great on you! Haven't tried it yet but I might pick it up the next time I visit Ulta.

  5. i def should try out the products. ive heard good and bad things. thanks for the review friend!

  6. Wow the contouring really lights up your face! I'm a little afraid to try contouring, but this kit makes it seem pretty doable.. thanks for sharing!

    Alyssa with an A

  7. I haven't tried this yet! Just another item to add to my "wish list" lol

  8. I haven't actually used anything from this brand before. Thanks for the honest review. I'll have to check out more!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this as I'm in need of some new contouring makeup!

  10. This product seems great and easy to use! I am certainly not a makeup guru so the easier the better. I may have to give this a try!

  11. This looks great! I use NYX eyeliner and I really like the product, so I'm sure I would love these too. Thanks for sharing! I'll look into trying it :)

  12. What a great product! Definitely adding it to my list of products to try!!


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