Week 8 of 52: What's In Your Grocery Cart?

Welcome Back to Week Eight of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge
I am SO excited for this week! Why? Because I am nosey AF, that's why and I like to see what other people buy at the grocery store-Judge me!

What is in My Grocery Cart?

clearly I am an avid Publix shopper #noshame! I am also trying to be more of an adult when I am grocery shopping meaning, I am trying to buy us healthier options for meals and snacks. This particular grocery shop was a "stuff I forgot the first time"/snack shop.
-Publix Peach Tea &Raspberry Lemonade
-Pub Sub because..well, self explanatory if you shop at Publix
-precut watermelon
-Yoplait Plenti Yogurts
-Smoked Salmon
-Cream Cheese
-Lactose Free Ice Cream for J
-Sweet Peppers
-Shrimp Rings (on sale, couldn't pass that up) *momentary lapse of adulting
-Deli Turkey

Shopping Tips
-eat before you go! then you aren't tempted to get extra stuff you don't really need but are craving in the moment
-set a budget!
-shop the deals! if something non-perishable that you use frequently is on sale this week, grab extra!
-make a list-and don't stray!

So, what is in your grocery cart?

*this is definitely not sponsored by Publix but I wouldn't complain if Publix wanted to sponsor me*


  1. I think what I like the most about this weeks challenge is, and there is absolutely no judgement here, seeing the difference in what we're all buying!! If there is one thing I've learned after living 7 years in South Africa is the difference between what I would have considered necessity in my groceries in America and now what I consider to be necessity and what I consider to be luxury! Almost 75% of what I would have purchased in America, I now consider luxury simply because of what our budget looks like, cost of living here, and how I've learned to cook and maintain house since being here!
    It's great for me and gives so much perspective! What a great challenge!

  2. Oh I am awful at going to the grocery store when I am hungry!! I almost always do it, but not on purpose!

  3. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I was definitely surprised by the healthy food we had in the cart for us.

  4. I'm doing this challenge too! My post will go on friday! I definitely need to go to the store and grab some bagels though

  5. I went last night a little tipsy and hungry and wearing glitter after "book" club. I came home with the stuff to make pizza, my salad stuff for the week and a box of wine. It was a fun trip.

  6. Yogurt is for sure always in my grocery cart. I always go when Im hungry though. BIG MISTAKE

  7. I try to buy adult things but always end up with some junk food. I've been getting better though haha.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. We are really trying to cook more, and by we I mean my boyfriend is cooking more! xx adaatude.com

  9. Hahaha, I think this prompt is so fun! I do a ton of my shopping at Costco/Sam's Club because #samplesaturday is the bee's knees! I always end up with way more food than I plan on because I eat all the samples and then have to buy that food. Last weekend I came home with a Raspberry Chipotle cream cheese dip and it is DIVINE! I also came home with pork chops, asparagus, gold fish and Halos! nom nom nom

    xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  10. I'm super mosey too and love seeing what everyone else gets. I love your tips I follow every one of them. I have a budget and a lost and I stick to them, which requires a bit of meal planning before hand.


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