Currently+Monthly Goals: March

wishing: I could freeze time. I can not believe that in just TEN days I will be a Mrs.! Obviously I am beyond ecstatic but I just wish I could slow time down a hair to really be able to enjoy the last 10 days of engaged life! 

craving: a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich-my total vice

going: to chapel and we're gonna get marriedddddd

wearing:my new fav ripped jeans from TJ Maxx and my "Mascara and Mimosas" top from look human! 

learning: to be more willing to accept help. 

planning: out all the pre-packed bags I have to pack between the night before the wedding, day of, day after and our honeymoon bags! 

celebrating: life, family, love, and marriage! 

feeling:all the feels of a soon to be Mrs! 

G O A L S 
-to remember to breathe and remain calm not look like I am freaking out on the inside
-enjoy every moment 
-go with the flow

-work on facebook promos and followship
-do more collabs
-remember it is just a blog & to enjoy life! 

What are you up to currently? What are your goals?


  1. I love your current overview and goal list. As a life and business coach I help my clients set goals and work towards them through targeted action. I love the balance in the goals you have, between working on your blog and remember it's "just" a blog. It's a beautiful reminder that goals are not something that should wear you out, but rather something that should help uplift you and make you happier <3

  2. YES YES YES to go with the flow and enjoy every moment. This will be your last weekend before your wedding....RELAX and just take it all in!! The weekend before our wedding we relaxed and enjoyed our last weekend before all the crazy happened and we took off the 2 days before the wedding from work for a day just for us!

  3. I am getting married the same day as you! Congrats! I can't wait either but I know what you mean I need more time! I felt like I had FOREVER to plan it and now it is here! But I keep telling myself I need to stop and enjoy the moment, even the anxiety, because it will not happen again.

  4. Ahhhh I can't believe how close you are to the big day! And grilled cheese with tomato? YUM! One of my favs <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. 10 days?!?! OMG OMG yay...this is the time to really enjoy. I remember cranking out stuff left and right on my list so I could really have fun the week of the's all so surreal. How exciting!

  6. Happy Almost Wedding Day! I remember the feeling of needing more time, too but everything will be just fine. I promise. Take time for you and relax and enjoy these next few days. It'll be here before you know it!

  7. Omg happy almost wedding day! I remembered before I got married, I wasn't stressed at all until the last maybe 5 days leading up to it. In the end, I calmed down and had the best day of my life. Relax and have fun! It's your day!

  8. Hooray! Happy Wedding month! So exciting! Dustin and I got married in April and it was a whirlwind; I wish I could have slowed time down just a hair so I wouldn't have felt so overwhelmed! Everything worked out and that most important part was that I actually got married to the love of my life!

    xo Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  9. Happy Almost wedding! You have some exciting times a coming!

  10. Yay for wedding month! Eek! I am so happy and excited for you! xo

  11. Awww, super huge congratulations...ENJOY!!!


  12. I feel you on the "remember to breath". I feel like my anxiety has been on 100 lately. It sucks. But yours could be because your wedding is around the corner.

  13. So excited for you! I am sure you'll have an absolute blast. We're 8 months out and it still doesn't feel real haha. I am sure once crunch time begins it will!

    xoxo, Jenny

  14. That is the best "going" response I've read yet - congrats!

  15. congrats on getting married so soon!!!!!!!! what an exciting "currently" post!


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