Week 10: A Day in The Life

Welcome Back to Week 10 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge.

This week is all about a Day in My Life! 

7am: wake up + catch up
every morning, the first thing I do is wake up and check twitter/instagram and facebook-gotta stay up to date with all my blogger besties. I also use buffer to schedule my posts for the day and drop my links into various threads and link-ups.

7:45: start of the day
I typically start with a cup of warm lemon water, let the dogs out, and fix me self up a tiny bit. Then comes feeding the dogs, a cup of coffee for me and breakfast.

8:30: glam time!
shower, make up and hair

9:30: John comes home
since J now works 11pm-830/930 am, our schedules are a bit off. When J gets home, we usually netflix and chill for a bit until he goes to sleep.

11:00: errands and housework
from target to the puppy store and everything in between.

2:00: work out
whether it be the Ab Circle, Yoga or the Y, I try to get at least an hour long work out in each day.

3:00: smoothie time+blog work
I have been SO into smoothies lately so I always make myself a yummy drink and then sit down to write and catch up on blogs.

5:00: John wakes up
We usually spend some time together, talk, and watch our shows before I start dinner

6:00: dinner prep

7:00: dinner

8:00: shows+relax
thankfully J enjoys (or says he enjoys) the shows I like so we watch some of them together.

9:00: John goes back to sleep+Blog threads
I use this time to finish the blog threads and link ups I dropped my links in earlier

11:00: John wakes up+ leaves for work then I go to sleep!

What does your day look like?


  1. That's a funny work schedule to work around with your man! My husband worked 7pm-7am early in our marriage, and I went to school during the day, so sometimes we'd have to meet up at my college to have dinner together on his way in to work, otherwise weren't even home at the same time (since I had a couple really long days at school). I was glad when he got off night shift, but the one perk was that he only worked 3 days a week! We did like that part!

  2. Timmy used to work night shifts and it was always so hard to figure out a schedule for us. Luckily he worked 4 days on 3 days off so after his first day off and sleeping we could plan date nights and such.

  3. I love reading people's day in the life. Will have to write about that sometime. You have made it to week 10. Keep going. I will have to look at joining something like this sometime.

  4. I just love these type of posts, and was so happy to see that it was one of the topics. You definitely have a busy day,but a good amount of relax time in there too. Sounds like a good life. ;) Not to mention all the madness that must be mixing in the closer you get to your big day!! Thomas works shift work, and nights without him are no bueno, I'm sure you can relate. I had no idea John worked that shift (how would I), but I definitely feel your pain. Go you for working out an hour a day, now please send some motivation my way!

  5. wow that's an interesting work schedule but I love how you guys are making it work for you, and I love how your day is balanced in terms of activities. im loving getting to know you as part of the blogger challenge

  6. You have a busy day!!!

    usually I start my day off by drinking coffee and checking my notifications on my phone, then make breakfast, and do threads while watching my niece + child. lol Then clean up the house (daily I have ocd) and make dinner, help rylan with his homework, get them ready for bed and clean up kitchen just in time to watch my shows. Lol

  7. Love reading these types of posts! You seem very busy but very organized!

  8. Wow, I didn't realize that John was on the exact opposite schedule as you! What does he do for work?

    Dustin and I get up around 7:30 every morning and take Rosie to the park or for a bike ride. We come back and both get ready for the day and he goes to work for 10! I eat breakfast, do my morning blog marketing, and then take some time to do some chores and watch some youtube. I then work on blog stuff from about 2-6:00 and make dinner for Dustin to come home at 6:30!

    xo, Chelsie @ HTC

  9. John has an interesting schedule but sounds like you guys make it work and still find time to watch tv and spend time together.

  10. You have an extremely busy schedule/day! I love how you and John work around your work schedules! That's key to any relationship. M-F I am up typically between 5:30-6 to shower. I then of course get my glam on and then eat breakfast and am out the door. It varies each morning though because I take care of the dogs, etc.

  11. It's nice that you find time to make it work with John's schedule. Chuck is working 15 hour days right now so a lot of my time is dedicated to taking care of things around here and helping Ethan with homework and it's very busy...but it's changing for the better soon which is good. I love these types of posts and seeing a peek in to your day!

  12. These posts are always fun to read! That's great you set time aside in the morning to catch up on things. I need to get better at that!

  13. Haha reading everyones posts like this makes me hate my job in the corporate world!
    Love reading these though.

    xoxo, Jenny

  14. Sounds like a great day! I wish I could blog more and work less. Hopefully some day!


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